Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes

Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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Basketball is a sport that is always played outdoors especially – when you are having a great infrastructure. That is why you need the best outdoor basketball shoes which can give you comfort and protection. Being out all day may be good for your health, since you are being physically active. However, when it comes to your safety you have to be very careful.

Most basketball courts are located near schools and other facilities where younger people hang out. If there is rainfall and you suddenly need to protect yourself, then you should opt for the best outdoor basketball shoe. This is not an easy task since there are a lot of alternatives.


The best solution would be to check the internet and find the pair that matches your tastes. Then you need to see if it matches the best basketball shoes for outdoor prerequisites. That means you are supposed to give yourself the chance to know the special conditions of the court.

This should become a thing of the past. Just pick the best basketball shoes for outdoors courts and boost up your performance.

Can Basketball Be Played On The Streets?

In American cities we have seen basketball played on the streets. This happens because there are not many public places to have basketball courts. In such an occasion, you need to have the best street basketball shoes which can prevent any injury.

Street in US cities can be narrow and less maintained, so there are a lot of uneven points. This should be addressed by the best shoes for outdoor basketball that you can possibly find online. Many brands have new and improved pairs of shoes for this occasion.

You may find extraordinary shoes just for a fraction of the price that the indoor basketball shoes cost. Not to mention, a lot of street basketball players wear these shoes as well. The shoes are affordable and can give you a fashionable appearance under any circumstances.

Now that you know what the best outdoor basketball shoes can do for your performance, we can go on. This review is addressing the issue of the street basketball and the way it has been developed in America. There is a great basketball culture that goes from coast to coast fascinating young men.

Within the population of younger men there are many who would like to find their best outdoor basketball shoes. Basketball remains a factor of social and economic evolution in the United States and the western world in general. That is why it is of crucial importance to get the best shoes you can.

How Can Outdoors Basketball Shoes Improve your Performance?

There is a great tradition in offering the US public with a great variety of best outdoor basketball shoes. This is because you need to have an option to buy the ones that fit your feet. Not to mention that the design plays an important role in your final decision.

However, the design should not be the ultimate reason as to why you are picking a special pair of basketball shoes. The potential for improvement in performance, however, would be the right motive to make such a big change.

First, your best outdoor basketball shoes give you a more thorough protection of the heel area. This is important, since most of the outdoor basketball courts have abnormal surfaces that may harm your footbed. You may not realize it the exact time you get injured, but your heel area is going to hurt after you finish playing.

Modern basketball shoes feature more cushioning on the heel area to give you the chance to relieve the pressure from your heels. This is a great improvement, since basketball is always about jumping and running. Additionally, some manufacturers have placed a plastic protector over the heel. This helps to ensure your stability when you touch the ground after a high jump for the ball.

The best outdoor basketball shoes also have new and improved lacing systems. These systems give you the chance to bend the shoes firmly to your feet. Many athletes have suffered bitter injuries from inadequately bended shoes on their feet. Make sure that your laces are bent right and that you always opt for the right shoes.

Which Is The Best Quality For Your Outdoors Basketball Shoes?

Outdoor basketball shoes are supposed to be solid in construction and flexible at the same time. This is something that cannot be easily combined to the same pair of shoes. No matter how hard you may try, there won’t be enough protection if you cannot combine the two principles.

People that opt for the best outdoor basketball shoes try dozens of models to find the “one”. This one that finally does the job always has a thicker outsole that can absorb vibrations from the ground. No matter if you are playing in a court or on the streets – the basketball shoes are supposed to be flexible.

That means you are entitled to greater flexibility to the forefoot area, where the toe fingers reside. These fingers keep the inherent balance of your body, that is why the need to have liberty in movement. When your basketball shoes create a special roomy space for them, you are good to go.

No basketball player has reached his fullest potential with the wrong type of shoes. So, you should always try to find the best pair. This will offer you the chance to be more flexible and have enormous value in your gameplay.

Outdoor Basketball Shoes Buying Guide

There are a lot of things to comment about outdoors basketball shoes. People take into account only the price and style of the best outdoor basketball shoes, ignoring all other issues. However, it is of crucial importance to analyze all the factors that should influence your choice.

No matter how prosperous you may be, there is no need to spend money on inadequate basketball shoes. They can aggravate a preexisting painful situation of yours and dramatically reduce your performance. We have seen players that needed a little boost to reach the top, being messed up by the wrong type of shoes.

1. Is There A Chance To Wear My Indoor Basketball Shoes?

Indoor basketball shoes are made primarily for wooden floors and delicate courts in colleges. This is not what we are talking about, we are concerned about street basketball here. All around America there are thousands of outdoor basketball courts that are primarily made from concrete or asphalt.

These materials are the hardest you can find on earth.. The best outdoor basketball shoes are designed to give you the perfect fit and protection under these conditions.

Many famous NBA players have started their careers by playing on such harsh conditions. You can easily destroy your knees in street courts and provoke some serious damage to your ankle joints. The metatarsal bones are also aggravated by this situation. You have to be extremely cautious when you are playing on concrete or asphalt.

Indoor basketball shoes have non-durable outsoles that would wear off quickly in an outdoors environment. Not to mention, that their air chamber is not adequate for the extreme pressures exerted on your footbed when playing on concrete.

For all these reasons, it would be wise on your part to buy the best outdoor basketball shoes in order to protect your feet. Today you can easily find a pair matching your tastes and budget needs. There is no point in wearing the same pair of shoes for indoors and outdoors use. Give yourself some quality and dignity, wearing the right shoes for the occasion.

2. Is There Something More Needed?

When you play basketball outdoors, you should expect your shoes to wear off a lot faster. Cement and asphalt are extremely rough materials that can easily penetrate the outsoles. They may have a corrosive action on the outer layers of your shoes and become a nightmare.

As you can understand, if you don’t use the best outdoor basketball shoes, your performance is going to significantly decrease.

They will be aggravated by the external conditions. Water and mud from outside are going to soak their surfaces and create a messy effect. Your shoes are supposed to be waterproof and ready to withstand any kind of pressure. That is why you should opt only for the best outdoor basketball shoes when playing street basketball.

On the other hand, you should help yourself being healthier after the game. Your muscle system will be developed after each outdoors basketball game. However, you need to have extra protection for your knees and ankles. Sometimes the power exerted on them when jumping on concrete is unbearable. You can easily destroy these joints and forget any further training.

So, always keep wearing the right shoes for the occasion and be prepared for the worst scenario. Outdoors basketball playing requires lots of nerves and guts, so keep yourself alert to be always on the safe side.

3. Pay Attention To The Thermal Impact Of Your Shoes!

When playing basketball either indoors or outdoors, you will experience temperature spikes. This is a normal thing to happen, as your body increases the metabolism to provide you with more energy as you need it. However, this creates a sad situation for your feet.

You will find them soaking in sweat inside your shoes, especially if you are using the indoors kind of shoes. Only the best outdoor basketball shoes can give you the right air flow that goes directly to your footbed. This will take away the extra thermal load in a matter of minutes.

In other words, you are going to have some perfect temperature balance inside your feet for as long as you want. Your socks are never going to be soaked in sweat and you also offer yourself a better hygiene level. As you may already know, germs love the hot and wet environments. When you have the proper ventilation in your shoes, you are cutting their reproduction rates to the lowest possible level.

There is also a chance you are playing outdoors basketball while the weather is cold. Then you can have an automatic thermal protection with your best outdoor basketball shoes. That means that shoes can keep the temperature stable inside since your body is not going to sweat a lot.

4. Grip And Traction

These are two of the most important aspects of the outdoors basketball shoes. They refer to the qualities of the outsoles and are all dependent on that. Grip and traction are strongly connected to the rubber material that lies in the outsoles’ layers. Lately, some manufacturers have redesigned the lugs to keep you stable, no matter what the external conditions may be.

There is a secret in keeping your balance while you are wearing the best outdoor basketball shoes. When it is raining, you may have to cope up with watery terrains that are the rule when playing basketball outdoors. The outsoles of the outdoors basketball shoes are supposed to be durable enough and let the water pass through their outer surface.

This action will give you the perfect grip when you are playing on watery terrains. Then the ultimate traction is supposed to be another crucial step to your success. When wearing the best outdoor basketball shoes, you will be able to accelerate a lot faster. This acceleration is the point of interest for most players around the world.

It can give you competitive advantage against your opponent, no matter the floor you are playing in. Most of the times, rough terrains like cement and asphalt provide you with better friction than others. However, this friction must be transformed into kinetic energy and give you the chance to move faster.

Fast onset of action in basketball means a lot for your performance. If traction is your ultimate goal, then only outdoor basketball shoes can be suitable for your case.

5. The Midsole Phenomenon

In earlier stages, there was no option for midsoles when you were buying basketball shoes. To be precise, no manufacturer was offering anything more than a solid outsole. However, scientists have proved that when you separate the sole in several layers it is beneficial for the user. This means that the inner layer is going to be a lot different than the medium and the outer one.

That is why, insoles, midsoles and outsoles have evolved to such an extent that all people desire new technology shoes. These midsoles connect the insole and outsole featuring a special foamy material. It’s a highly delicate material that has a rubber foam in its synthesis. Don’t get confused here. We are not talking about a liquid.

This substance is a gel-like material that shares features between liquids and solids. When wearing this kind of shoes, you can easily get your feet comfortable. Even under extreme pressure you can feel relieved and fresh.

Today, there is no outdoor basketball shoe without this protective midsole. It can keep your footbeds in great shape and also give them time to adapt. This adaptation requires some time and refers to the special pressure conditions that are apparent in the hard terrains.

6. Insoles Are Getting Demanding

On the other hand, you can always check the quality offered by the insoles. These special parts of your shoes are supposed to be softer than ever. They help you find the best fit when wearing the shoes. Ever since the industry has stopped to produce half sizes the insoles took the role of a size adjuster as well.

Most of the times, you will find insoles to be really comfortable and helpful. But there are times when they can make you feel awful and even irritate your skin. You have to try them on first to check whether or not they can create painful blisters. Or else you must check their ability to absorb the pressures from the environment.

Either way, insoles are a special feature that you must take into account when buying new basketball shoes. Especially for those players that are mostly into the outdoors basketball, their shoes need to have the best available insoles.

Lately we have seen many companies presenting removable insoles that can be easily washed and rinsed. This action can also promote your hygiene levels. Sometimes you can check them having a special anti-bacterial layer which can also make a difference to your usual daily use.

They can give you enough room for your toe fingers to move freely and provide you better balance. Basketball is all about balance, so take advantage of the best insoles you can find online.

7. Type Of Shoe Cuts (Low-mid-high)

Normally all shoes were supposed to be low cut to give you the chance to walk freely. In the late 20th century we have seen more brands to start producing high-cut shoes.

They thought about increasing the upper mesh and shaft of the normal running shoes giving an extra ankle protection. After a thorough analysis of basketball induced injuries, you can see that ankle is the joint that needs more protection. It is vulnerable to sprinkles and fractures especially when the player is jumping high.

Later during the same century, we have also seen the presentation of the mid-top shoes. These were a hybrid between the other two types. They had more lightweight profile, but gave some basic protection to the ankle area.

Today’s high-cut shoes are most of the time used by NBA professionals. They even have their own series that get popular around the world. Their main objective is to retain the integrity of the ankle joint. Also, they can protect the metatarsals, the heel and the foot curve which are all pain triggering points.

So, if you need to select the best outdoor basketball shoes you must be able to pick one of these categories. No other person can dictate the right type of shoes for your feet. You are the only responsible for such a decision that can make you perform a lot better than before.

8. Lacing System

This is the domain of interest for many brands worldwide. There hasn’t been any progress made the past years. Since ancient times people use laces to bend their shoes against their feet. Other times these laces were made from leather, others from synthetic materials.

No matter what kind of laces you are using, there hasn’t been a tremendous change through the years. Velcro bands have also been used primarily for kids’ shoes. However, the attaching ability is a lot more inferior that the one of the shoelaces.

That is why you should always check carefully about the special lacing abilities of your shoes. The best outdoor basketball shoes always feature some powerful laces. They may change the way they are connected to the upper mesh and tongue, but always remain there.

Should you want to improve your skills in outdoor basketball, there is only one way. Look for the right type of laces that are not easily loosened. This will keep you out of unnecessary injuries that would never happen if the laces were good.

9. Durability And Cost

Here we come to the most sensitive issues in the shoe industry. Durability is something that you may have a clue about but never be sure of. You can buy the most promising shoes but find that they are not at all durable.

The special features of the outsole and the rubber alloys used are main components of durability. Not to mention, the kind of leather used on the side parts of the shoes. It may wear off quickly or absorb moisture and water in large portions.

Especially when you are playing outdoors basketball, you have to be really cautious about the durability. Sometimes rubber bands are affected by direct exposure to the sun. It can make your shoes look worn out. The colors can be also affected from the sun.

Finally, we come to the price and cost part of the issue. Most of the people think that when you are buying expensive shoes you are getting high quality products. This may be true to some point however it is not a general rule.

There are some quality manufacturers in the market providing exceptional shoes for lesser price. You should carefully check their references and their features. After you have tried them on then you may get your final decision on that. Generally, price sensitive purchases are not successful ones.

Always cross check the price with the quality features. Then you are going to have the most value for money decision to take.

10. Branding

This is one of the most important aspects of your purchase. All the shoes in the market have a special identity. The brand name keeps on influencing our decisions ever since marketing was invented.

That is why you always opt for famous brands, even though there are more expensive shoes with the same features. However, this may be beneficial to some point, since famous brands give you explicit quality guarantee.

Check the branding carefully and don’t hesitate to make compromises to the price. You are supposed to get only the best quality outdoor basketball shoes. The big brands can always give you the premium quality assurance that you deserve to have.

Top 15 Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes 2020

1. Nike Men’s Air Visi Pro Vi

Nike Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes

This is the pride of Nike Air shoes that has a double air chamber on it. You can admire the black color of the outer side. It can give you great authority among your peers. Not to mention, that you can use this pair for your leisurely walks.

The midsole is foamy and supportive. Especially in the heel area, you can feel the difference from other shoes in terms of comfort. Extra cushioning applies to the foot curve and forefoot area.

It can give you increased mobility to the toe fingers and eliminate any pain felt. These Nike shoes are a real value for money model that is affordable to all people around the world. The outsole keeps on being durable and has a perfect grip to the ground. No matter the weather conditions, your traction t is guaranteed with these shoes. The extra watery surfaces can become an easy task for this pair of shoes.


  • Comes in a perfect black color
  • Smart lacing system to be highly effective
  • Visible air unit to be always in control of pressure
  • Rubber sole that is not wearing off easily
  • Perforations are there for improved breathability


  • Only applicable to male athletes

2. Nike Kd 8 Men’s Basketball Shoes

Nike Kd 8 Men's Basketball Shoes

A really tempting low top outdoor basketball shoe that keeps on turning the feelings on. It features an orange outsole which is aesthetic.
In terms of performance, these shoes can make you the best player of all. You can expect to have the best comfort compared to others, thanks to the improved insoles. Not to mention, the extra cushioning that comes with the shoes. The heel and foot curve areas are protected enough to give you a painless game.

Another great feature would be the improved lacing system. You can find special anchors to the side of the shoes for extra stability. How about the breathability of these shoes? It is monumental for sure. You can always wear the most incredible shoes with less thermal load for your feet.
Finally, the shoes are stylish enough and can also work when you are partying with your friends.


  • Come in multiple tempting colors
  • Have a special lace up closure
  • There is also a lightweight cushioning inside
  • Perfect waterproof abilities
  • Great integrated forefoot area – Gives more room to the toe fingers


  • Do not come with any kind of guarantee

3. Adidas Men’s Ultimate Bball

Adidas Men's Ultimate Bball

This is the only pair of shoes with the elevated tongue that can give you a precise fit. You can always wear them without the need to tighten the laces. There is no lacing system apparent there and you can still be sure the shoes are going to stay on your feet.

No matter how hard the vibrations from the ground may be, you will feel comfortable. These shoes feature a special cushioning system than embraces your foot. Both the heel area and foot curve are protected.

Not to mention, that these shoes are made from quality synthetic textile fibers for extra breathability. It gives your feet the chance to reduce their thermal impact through the game. The outsole is made of quality rubber that doesn’t wear off easily. You also enjoy the best grip and traction ever seen in an Adidas pair of shoes.

These shoes come in multiple colors and shapes to make your experience even better. They can make your mood when you need it before the basketball game.


  • It has both textile and synthetic fibers
  • Comes with a Cloudfoam memory sockliner
  • Special foamy midsole to keep you comfy
  • Absence of any lacing system
  • Excellent waterproof abilities


  • Difficult to clean and wash up

4. Adidas Men’s D Rose 773 Iii

Adidas Men's D Rose 773 Iii

Another great pair of shoes from Adidas – the number one manufacturer of basketball shoes. This edition is made for people that are constantly on the go. You can play basketball in virtually any outdoor facility. After the game, you can keep on wearing the same shoes since they are stylish and fashionable.

The shoes have the approval of the National Basketball Association for their right foot anatomy. They have special cushioning system for the most vulnerable spots of your feet like the heels and the metatarsals.

You can also enjoy special protection to your foot arches through the totally redesigned tongue and upper mesh. The side parts of the shoes are made of quality leather that allow the air flow passing through its mass. This is a great feature that increases the breathability of the shoes.

Finally, you can easily walk on wet surfaces with these shoes. The outsoles have greater lugs to increase friction to the ground. This automatically offers you greater grip and improved traction when you most need it.


  • Comes in multiple sizes and colors for your ease
  • Has a higher top to protect the ankles
  • Lacing system is fixable and solid
  • Breathable – especially during the summer months
  • Rubber sole keeps providing better traction to the ground


  • Less affordable than other series in the same category

5. Beita High Upper Basketball Shoes

Beita High Upper Basketball Shoes

The magic environment of the stars has finally been imprinted into the Beita basketball shoes. They are perfect for outdoor basketball practice, since they have a solid and flexible rubber outsole. This part of the shoe keeps on being the most durable of all. No matter the weather conditions, the outsoles are not going to wear off any time soon.

Plus, they give you enhanced balance and stability during the game. The upper cut feature that these shoes offer,provide adequate support of the ankle joints. The footbed keeps on being relaxed with the special cushioning that is applied.

There is also a great lacing system that keeps the shoes tied to the foot for a long time. There is virtually no chance to miss a jump ball due to your loosened laces. The air chamber in the outsole is discrete and can only be seen if you thoroughly look at the shoes.

Finally, the waterproof surface of the shoes is great to give you more incentives to play outdoors. Moisture and rainwater cannot affect your gameplay and you will become a natural winner should you wear this kind of shoes.


  • Perfect shape fits all kinds of feet
  • Imprints increase your mood and morale
  • You can wear them in your spare time as well
  • Lightweight and perfectly balanced shoes
  • Forefoot area is roomier than in other counterparts


  • Not available in all regions

6. Pozvnn Men’s Sneakers Mesh Ultra

Pozvnn Men's Sneakers Mesh Ultra

Innovation is in front of your eyes with this great pair of shoes. They come in a natural white color to make you the center of attention on the basketball court. These shoes are lightweight and have an extra aerodynamic shape to let you run easier.

The outsole keeps giving you the best traction of all times. You can rest reassured that you will have the perfect balance any time you need to jump for the ball. The shocks from the ground are all absorbed by the insole and you can feel really comfortable in these shoes.

There is also a great waterproof profile that keeps your feet dry. You can play basketball in the rain and never stop due to moisture coming to your feet. There is no need for special socks to wear with these shoes.

Finally, in case you have special feet deformities, these shoes are perfect for you. You can easily adjust any type of orthotics and have an enhanced mobility. These are the shoes that most people select for their outdoor basketball activities. Sometimes they can use them in their spare time as well, since they are fashionable.


  • Perfect safety profile
  • Improved cushioning
  • Extra comfort to the heel area
  • Protects the shape of your foot curve
  • Extra high outsole offering you a better vision


  • Doesn’t come into a great variety of colors

7. Nike Men’s Air Precision II NBK Basketball

Nike Men's Air Precision II NBK Basketball

Nike is the world known leader in basketball shoes and is the brand of choice of the NBA superstars across the globe. This special edition is believed to be among the best outdoor basketball shoes readily available in the online market.

The shoes are equipped with the most highly sophisticated outsole that can be adjusted to a Nike basketball type of footwear. The special lugs and spikes found on the surface can easily provide enhanced levels of grip and traction that assist the basketball player to rapidly change directions and develop more speed.

The inner part of the shoes have more cushioning to the heel and foot curve area to prevent injuries to the soft tissues. The insole keeps on taking the shape of the footbed to offer more comfort to the user during prolonged training.


  • They are made of 100% natural leather for great breathability and quality
  • The upper mesh and shaft are lightweight to make running easier
  • The lacing system can securely bend the ankle area to the rest of the foot for increased safety
  • The development of the EVA midsole can easily absorb the pressure from the ground impacts
  • Have a stylish appearance so that you can wear them in your leisure time


  • Less affordable than other shoes in the same class

8. Nike Air Baseline Low Men Round Toe

Nike Air Baseline Low Men Round Toe

Once again NIKE has presented the most efficient shoes for basketball playing that can give you the competitive edge against all your opponents in terms of physical resistance and performance. This special edition has been characterized as one of the best outdoor basketball shoes you can choose to optimize your strength and dribbling abilities on the basketball courts.

The shoes feature a natural leather topping that offers unique comfort and extra waterproof abilities that enable you to stay dry even during heavy rain. The insole keeps on being revolutionary with extra cushioning applied to the most sensitive parts of the feet like the heel and the foot arch areas.

The upper mesh and shaft are made of special fabric which gives lots of breathability to the inner parts of the shoes and can assist with the heat containment of the feet during long hours of basketball play.


  • There is premium quality with 100% natural leather in the shoes.
  • The NIKE ultimate CELL cushioning makes a real difference for the comfort of the soccer players.
  • The existence of the CELL absorbent outsole gives more durability to the player.
  • Keeps on being durable even under harsh weather conditions


  • Doesn’t come with any kind of satisfaction guarantee

9. Adidas Men’s Hoops 2.0 Sneaker

Adidas Men's Hoops 2.0 Sneaker

This is another pair of basketball shoe which has recently gathered the attention of the world. It is believed to be among the best outdoor basketball shoes ever created for mass production and is available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

The shoes are professional, since they have more spikes and lugs on their outsole than any other opponent. These can guarantee your perfect grip and traction, no matter how slippery the basketball court terrain may become due to harsh weather conditions.

On the other hand, it is made of certain lightweight materials, especially in the shaft and upper mesh areas to keep the total weight of the shoes the lowest possible. This is important for the improvement of the players performance as well as the comfort in wearing the shoes.

Finally, the legendary Adidas stripes are there on the outer layer of the shoes to give you a legendary appearance when playing.


  • Great heel cushioning to absorb all the pressure coming from the ground.
  • All the parts are imported to ensure proper quality.
  • There is also a special lining to secure the lockdown fit every time you are wearing it.
  • The specially designed rubber sole can be more durable than any other competitor while being flexible to allow better movement.
    Come into various shapes and colors


  • Cannot be worn without socks

10. Nike Air Force 270 Mens Hi Top Trainers

Nike Air Force 270 Mens Hi Top Trainers2

When Nike brand first appeared on the basketball courts, nobody believed that it could bring any innovation to the specially designed shoes for the game. However, the latest Nike edition is considered to be the best outdoor basketball shoes, produced directly to serve the athletic purposes of the NBA players in a demanding field such as basketball.

These shoes feature a larger mesh and shaft to embrace all the surface of the foot arch and ankle, giving greater protection to the player when running. Additionally, the micro-lugs that are strategically located on the outsole produce more friction with the field to ensure the proper grip of the basketball player no matter what.

Keep in mind that this type of shoe is also equipped with special spikes that can be easily removed or changed to fit to different types of basketball courts and give a normal gait to the athletes.


  • The insole foamy technology can provide more comfortable use for the players.
  • The quality anti-sweat insole layer can offer enhanced levels of hygiene to the user.
  • The lacing system although being basic, can securely keep the player comfortable with a snug fit on the shoe.There is also a special cushioning
  • placed on the heel area to protect it from severe impacts during the game.
  • Lacing system keeps on being great and strong


  • Has lower waterproof abilities than others in the same category

11. Nike Men’s Kyrie Flytrap Basketball Shoes

Nike Men's Kyrie Flytrap Basketball Shoes

This is the newest model of Nike brand that has taken the market by storm. This specific series is said to be one of the best shoes for basketball, since it gathers all the special characteristics that you are expecting to be apparent in a pair of shoes like this.

First, it has a specially designed lacing system that bends the ankle to the foot arch firmly when you are walking, running or training. Then, there is a great outsole which gives you enhanced grip and traction whenever you need it the most. Now you can reach all types of terrains having the assurance that you will stay stable and sound.

Additionally, there is a special lightweight material that composes the upper mesh and shaft. This adds on to the breathability of the shoes since there is better air ventilation to the lower parts of the feet, and thus better hygiene for the user.

Finally, there is a special outer layer which gives improved waterproof abilities to the user. The insole keeps on being softer than ever before, giving you a comfort level that you have never seen before.


  • They have an imported rubber sole with extra lugs to ensure stability.
  • The existence of the smart lacing system can offer you enough support for the heel and ankle area.
  • There is also greater breathability making it more comfortable to wear the shoes for longer sessions.
  • There is a chance to adjust orthotics to the removable sockliner which is a certain plus for people that need external orthotics.
  • Keeps on being stylish and fashionable


  • Has no elevated top to protect your ankle joints

12. Nike Air Force 270 Mens Hi Top Trainers

Nike Air Force 270 Mens Hi Top Trainers

This is a pair of shoes that is beloved by users in a nationwide basis for its perfect fit and improved comfort. The Nike shoes are said to be among the best shoes for outdoor basketball.

The Nike shoes give the user more cushioning to the heel and forefoot areas to anticipate the pressure exerted on the soft tissues while walking or running. This is achieved by the specially designed insoles which can absorb the natural weight of the user and take the shape of the feet.
Additionally, the strap lacing system gives less pressure phenomena to the metatarsals, contributing to the enhanced comfort of the user.

Finally, the high-quality leather used in the outer surface of the shoes offers more waterproof abilities to your footwear. Practically, you can wear them even in the rainy days and keep your feet away from moisture for most of the day.


  • There is an extra lightweight G-shock absorbing outsole for better comfort.
  • The spacy design of the shoes gives an extra hit point for people with feet deformities to choose them.
  • They come in several colors for you to choose from.
  • Always ranking higher on style and fashion


  • The outer air chamber on the outsole can be easily spoiled

13. AND 1 Men’s Attack Mid Basketball Shoe

AND 1 Men's Attack Mid Basketball Shoe

The AND brand has made its appearance in the field of the special shoes for people with foot problems. This special edition has been reviewed by experts as one of the best shoes for basketball that have been presented lately in the world market.

The shoes are primarily directed to men that suffer from foot deformities and want to return to their daily activities quickly and safely. The outer layer is covered with a special water-resistant fabric that can keep external water away from the inner section. This is a certain plus since you can wear the shoes, no matter how harsh the weather conditions may become while training.

Finally, the outsole keeps on being durable and flexible at the same time. It creates more room for the forefoot area, giving a great level of liberty to the toe fingers. This is extremely important for the comfort and stability of the user.


  • There is a special rubber outsole, keeping your grip to the road at the highest levels.
  • The smart lacing system can easily bend the ankle to the foot curve area to ensure a proper fit when needed.
  • The synthetic materials add on to the breathability of the shoes.
  • The sockliner is easily attached to external orthotics for better treatment.
  • Keep on being durable to external weather conditions


  • Not easily available in all regions

14. Adidas Men’s Marquee Boost Low Basketball Shoe

Adidas Men's Marquee Boost Low Basketball Shoe

No matter what you need, the Adidas shoes are always there to show you what style means. This special model is considered to belong to the best basketball shoes for men that can be worn, both at work and leisurely times with the same efficiency.

First, the shoes are stylish and covered with a unique branded natural leather, offering you a fashionable appearance in all possible areas. The insole keeps on being revolutionary and softer than ever before. There is a special cushioning system placed in the heel area to deal with extra pressure exerted there.

Finally, the basic lacing system can easily give perfect fit, no matter how intense the activity you are involved daily may be. The outsole has more lugs to give you better grip on slippery terrains and can be durable for many years to come.


  • They are made of imported leather that makes a difference in the quality.
  • The wooden heel outsole can give you extra stylish appearance when needed.
  • There is a special cushioning support system when walking to protect the soft tissues of the heel and foot curve.
  • The possibility to attach external orthotics makes these shoes adequate for people with feet injuries and other related problems.
  • You can easily wear them during your leisure time


  • Cannot be washed in the washing machine

15. Weweya Men’s Sneakers Basketball Sports Shoes Outdoor Performance Athletic Shoes

Weweya Men's Sneakers Basketball Sports Shoes Outdoor Performance Athletic Shoes

These are the Weweya type of shoes that have changed the way men are shopping for footwear. Being one of the best basketball shoes for outdoor play, the Weweya shoes promise to be comfortable and stylish, no matter how hard their use may become.

There is a special heel area where the outsole becomes thicker so that the heel is more protected from direct impacts to the ground. The black leather that covers the outer surface of the shoes directly supports the heel area, and makes the best available attachment of the ankle to the metatarsals areas where the pain is triggered most of the times.

Finally, Weweya has created a stylish pair of shoes, perfect both for work and leisure at the same time. More room for orthotics is also offered, to make people with deformities or injuries more comfortable while wearing them.


  • The synthetic sole is durable and softer than ever before, offering improved comfort.
  • The heel counter allows the free movement of the heel for enhanced stability.
  • The leather uppers are placed strategically to ensure proper fit.
  • The insole is equipped with more cushioning to support the heel and foot curve areas.
  • There is a smart lacing system to keep the shoes always tied to your feet


  • Not available in certain regions

FAQs About The Outdoors Basketball Shoes

1. Is There A Problem If I Only Use These Shoes Outdoors?

Well actually, these shoes are good for leisure activities as well. Most of them are quite fashionable to be worn in any possible occasion. You just need to keep them in good condition and always try to clean them after use.

However, it is not impossible to play indoor basketball games when you are wearing these shoes. Most people do have separate shoes for these two distinct functions. There is no obligation to follow that rule. You can equally use the outdoor shoes for indoor games and still be successful.

There is only a limitation- you may not easily wear indoor basketball shoes to outdoors activities. Soon enough after you try that you will see that indoor shoes are easily worn off from concrete or asphalt. They will accumulate even more dirt than the amount they can handle.

Plus, it would be much more difficult for you to clean them up thoroughly. When being outdoors you should always opt for the specific shoes for the occasion.

On the other hand, some people may find the outdoors shoes extremely inappropriate to attend a social event. In that case the best solution would be to carry a second pair of shoes with you. It would be a lot easier for you to change shoes rather than alter your attitude towards them.

2. Do Outdoor Basketball Shoes Cost A Fortune?

As in every part of your life, you should have balance to that as well. There is no need to always try to find the most expensive edition. Nor do you need to have the cheapest solution all the time. If you follow the median rule, you will be always on the safe side.

Today, you are lucky to have as many options as you wish for outdoors basketball shoes. This means that you can choose literally among thousands of different models. Each one has its own features and gives you totally different benefits.

You should not always check at the price first. We surely agree that the price is a substantial purchasing factor, but it shouldn’t be the only one. You have probably caught yourself in the past liking a pair of shoes before you learn the price. Then you would be amazed to know that the one you opted for had been the most affordable of the two.

This simple example shows that only your taste could be the driver to your decision. Never overestimate the price factor, since this can lead you to the wrong paths. There are great pairs of shoes for outdoor basketball that cost less than your daily meal. Take advantage of them and make your performance a lot better than any time before.

3. Are There Any Other Type Of Shoes That I Can Use For Outdoor Basketball?

We are positive that people could also play basketball barefoot. However, the blisters on their footbeds will prohibit them from repeating their nonsense. The same thing applies for your shoes when it comes to the outdoor basketball issue.

You will be constantly in touch with a hard floor – either cement or asphalt. This means you will need the maximum durability from your shoes. The same time you want them to be comfortable enough to keep you moving. Not to mention, that since you are constantly jumping, you need to have your ankles protected as well.

There are not many shoes that you can use when playing basketball outdoors. High heels are not adequate, since they can aggravate your foot curve. Not to mention, you cannot run and balance on that type of shoes. Additionally, you cannot ever use running shoes to play outdoor basketball.

This is due to the low-profile protection these shoes give to your ankle joints. There is a great need to thoroughly choose your outdoors basketball shoes according to your needs. No matter how fashionable some kinds of shoes are not good for playing basketball.

You may want to try sandals to play basketball, but this would be extremely dangerous. Have in mind that shoes which cannot really give support to the heel and foot curve areas are not good for basketball. No matter how hard you try to substitute the basketball shoes they are necessary to keep you steady.

4. How Can I Get Used To By Brand New Basketball Shoes?

It is a wise choice to start wearing the shoes right away when you receive them. This will get you out of trouble when you finally start playing basketball.

Remember that many players have tried to wear a totally new and fresh shoes right before the game. It ended up being a disaster both for their performance as well as their integrity. Fresh shoes may irritate your skin and cause blisters from direct touch to the side leather. The heel and forefoot areas are more likely to be affected by such a thing.

Additionally, you should apply some smoothing cream inside the shoes. This may be done to relieve the pain that you get from them till they finally take the exact shape of your feet. We are proud to know that brand new shoes are going to hurt you once you suddenly wear them before your activities.

Start wearing them in your house and go for small walks with them. There is no need to worry since, they would still be new to use them in the basketball courts. This is the time you started using your basketball shoes wisely. Wear them as much as you like during your leisure activities. Then you will be totally sure about their shape when you need them at the game.

The majority of the outdoor basketball shoes are capable to give you comfort and relieve any possible painful feeling.