Best Cheap Basketball Shoes

Best Cheap Basketball Shoes 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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1. Nike 2. Adidas 3. Reebok

If you want to play basketball, then better stick with the shoes that are good for your health. These are the best cheap basketball shoes that you can afford with a median salary. Most of the times you are supposed to present some fashionable footwear to your friends. This, of course, doesn’t mean you have to pay a fortune for them.

Modern footwear calls for the best budget basketball shoes that you can afford. Available directly on Amazon, these shoes are readily available in most online stores. You can also order them through online stores that cooperate with physical ones. It is, however, always a wise choice to try these on before purchasing them.


This guide will tell you if the best cheap basketball shoes are the best option you can get for your personal style. No other shoe’s characteristic is more prominent that the outsoles when it comes to basketball shoes. Take special care about the grip and you will become a competent player. Basketball is a demanding sport than needs accuracy and balance from your shoes.

If you still want to find the best affordable basketball shoes. you need to search deeply on the internet. Not all of them are available in your region, and you still need to search. The best value basketball shoes are mostly widely available for purchase.

This systematic review of the most competent shoes is here to make things easier. You don’t have to wait to long lines to choose your footwear. Just long and start browsing shoes that will make a difference for you.

Take special attention to these reviews since the best cheap basketball shoes are mentioned there. No need to get out in the rainy weather to start looking at the stores. Lay back on your couch reading the reviews.

How To Choose Your Best Cheap Basketball Shoes?

There is no general rule as to what you need to do to pick up the shoes that are going to make you the best basketball player. You have to be extra cautious on the various features of these shoes. No brand or manufacturer can be a better judge than you.

1. Reviews

You need to check a lot of them to see which ones are true. Most of them are written in favor of a specific retailer or brand name. Just make sure you are seeing the words behind the actual words. That means try to decipher what the author of the review has to say.

Most of the times, reviewers are accentuating various features of the shoes that do not reflect reality. You have to reveal this tendency and stay away from those reviews. Just check the domains of interest of every reviewer and you will find the truth there.

2. Price

Every product is judged by its special price against others in the same category. This is valid for shoes, as well as for any other product on the market. You should opt not for the most heavily advertised shoes, but for the most innovative ones in the market.

The price of the shoes does not always go hand in hand with its intrinsic quality. Most shoes have a higher price due to marketing reasons. However, you need to have some kind of inspiration from your shoes. Try to have the best cheap basketball shoes which can give you authority and fame.

3. Brand

We all know the great importance that a brand name can make to our lives. When selecting for the best deals on basketball shoes, you need to be very picky sometimes. The name of the producers plays a crucial role to the quality of the footwear. All people that have tried inferior quality shoes can share their story with you.

A great brand, however, does not guarantee your satisfaction. Sometimes the best cheap basketball shoes come from unknown brands that have invested in innovation. Stick to the brand name when you need to buy something online. After you have tried it then you can pick up any possible brand you like.

Which Are The Types Of The Basketball Shoes?

Many times, have we seen that basketball shoes vary in shapes and sizes. This has been made deliberately by the manufacturers to diversify the products. Talking about diversification, this is a major marketing principle.
This marketing principle dictates that the greater the variety, the better the sales results. This is something that nobody can deny, it is a universal law. So, let’s now take a closer look to what the best cheap basketball shoes industry has to show us:

1. Low Top Shoes

They are more lightweight than all the others and have less protection on the ankle area. Most of the times are worn by point guards who are constantly running. They can be worn by power forwards in the rare occasion of a severe injury.

A lot top shoes are better for dribbling and when you need to change direction rapidly. However, they do not embrace the foot and ankle with the same ease. They do require a better maintenance that others in the same class. Different kinds of socks are usually needed to anticipate the openness on the ankle area.

2. Mid-Top Shoes

Shooting guards and small forwards are going to love these shoes. They have a place in between the low top and the high-top shoes. You can also say that they are the basketball shoes which are affordable. In this way, you can keep wearing them in your leisure time as well.

Their primary characteristic is the increased support of the ankle and heel areas. However, they are less lightweight than the low-tops. They can increase the chance you have to speed up in the basketball courts. If you use them wisely, they can protect you from serious injuries especially in the ankle area.

3. High Top Shoes

Most of the times they are ordered by centers and power forwards who need power when jumping. These shoes embrace the foot arch and ankle areas, giving you a great touch to the ground. They are the most protective type of shoes for basketball, and they are less affordable than others.

Most of the basketball athletes regard them as the best cheap basketball shoes you can buy. This is because the income of professional basketball players has significantly increased the past years. You may always opt for them and enjoy a better jumping performance, as well as a great protection for your feet.

Benefits From The Use Of Basketball Shoes

There are a lot of benefits associated with the constant use of basketball shoes. No matter what the type of the shoe – you will have some benefits. Either high top or low top shoes, they will protect your sensitive soft tissues. There are many nerve endings inside your footbed that can easily trigger painful syndromes.

When you are choosing the best branded shoes, you can stay reassured that you will be comfortable. No matter what the task is, these basketball shoes are going to be there for you. Designers are always improving the qualities of the shoes, so that even the best cheap basketball shoes can thrive.

Now let’s check in detail what are the specific benefits you are getting with basketball shoes:

1. Prevention Of Any Injury

This means that when you experience a heavy impact on your legs, you will not have to worry for your feet. We all know what a fracture on your ankle means about your future in professional basketball. A lot of great players have seen their career coming to a sad end after such injuries.

That is why the prevention of any injury has become the main issue for the manufacturers. Modern basketball shoes – even the ones referred to as the best cheap basketball shoes are safe to wear. They can protect you and make sure the damage is the minimum possible.

2. Ankle Support

A monumental benefit offered to the basketball players by their expert shoes. Ankle is one of the most sensitive joints that the human body has. In terms of real pressure, it gets tons of it every time you jump or run.

That is the point in wearing the best basketball shoes you can possibly afford. These shoes can have a higher upper mesh and shaft, giving you the chance to embrace the ankle joint. You know how important this could be for the well being of your feet. Invest in your basketball shoes and you will be remunerated.

3. Improved Ability To Cut And Jump

Not all shoes give you the chance to change directions rapidly and safely. Only the best cheap basketball shoes can offer you the possibility to jump equally good like the pros. Professional basketball players always have their best shows while on court.

They provide side support to the feet, to provide the best possible traction and grip. In basketball, you are supposed to jump and cut opponents all the time. It is imperative that you have the best cheap basketball shoes to help you achieve this requirement.

4. Cushion Footbed And Protect The Heel

Since normal running and walking needs your heel to be pain free, you must wear the right shoes. Basketball shoes are the ones that feature some extra cushioning on the heel area. This can cause less aggravation to your footbed, where most of the leg nerves are.

The impacts from jumping are all absorbed by your heel and footbed areas. That is why you should be extremely cautious with the type of protection you are getting by your shoes. Only the most capable basketball shoes can give you real protection. Choose the best shoes and you will look your best.

5. Traction And Balance On Basketball Courts

Basketball courts may be some of the most dangerous places on earth. You need to have the best cheap basketball shoes in order to avoid any possible falls. Traction is provided by the outsoles of basketball shoes. These outsoles need to be flexible and rigid enough to cover your move. Additionally, they need to have an optimal number of lugs. This is because lugs create the friction between the court and your shoes.

Finally, you can get extra balance with your basketball shoes. This balance derives from the special height of the outsole. It needs to be to the right place so that you know exactly where to place your body weight center.

Buying Guide For The Best Cheap Basketball Shoes

There is a lot of information to mention, should you want to buy new basketball shoes. However, this is not possible in a short style review like this one. Here are the most important features that you should look for when buying a pair of basketball shoes.

1. Ankle Support

This is the time you should seriously think about the integrity of your ankle joint. Being the most vulnerable joint of your feet, it can really harm your gameplay. Stability of your body passes through the ankle joint and you new shoes need to be supportive.

When talking about support, we mean extra cushioning to the area and a better lacing system. Most of the times shoes are not bent right around your feet and this aggravates the situation on the ankle. Ankles are not supposed to move or stretch during rotational figures. That is how basketball shoes supports your gameplay.

2. Improved Traction

Everybody wants to be on the winning side – that is why the traction plays a supreme role. This is primarily an issue deriving from the outsole of your basketball shoes. Only the best cheap basketball shoes are able to provide extra lugs on the outsole. This feature is important to keep your traction at the highest available level.

In turn, this traction translates to better acceleration and a lot better running on the basketball court. In other words, you can be a different player should you select the best basketball shoes available for your budget. This traction is needed not only when you move, but also when you stand waiting for the opponent.

Defense is a great tactic in basketball and is based on traction to the ground. Screening the opponent can be only done if you have a steady grip and traction to the court.

3. Weight

Normal shoes are usually lightweight to fit any possible person. However, the best cheap basketball shoes are the ones that can be heavier than normal. This occurs because these shoes feature greater outsoles with foamy midsoles or air chambers. Other than that, the outer leathers are the same and have equal weight.

You should always try to find shoes with less weight among. Make zero compromises on the quality of the outsole and the forefoot area. You need to have your toe fingers flexible in order to be balanced all the time. Not to mention that most of the heavier shoes give you a hard time to walk and run.

As far as you may understand, weight still plays a crucial role in the improvement of your basketball skills.

4. Material And Durability

This is an important feature of basketball shoes that cannot be omitted from this review. Only leather can cover the outer surface of your basketball shoes. This is because it is dermatologically tested and does not irritate your skin. But above all, it is quite breathable. assisting the air flow through the shoe.

Heat containment of the lower feet is a serious matter and you have to look at it constantly. Most people are opting for basketball shoes that are durable and waterproof. This will give you the chance to improve yourself in the basketball courts and reach the stage you always wanted to.

Top 15 Best Cheap Basketball Shoes of 2020

1. Nike Men’s Air Versitile Ii Basketball Shoe

Nike Best Cheap Basketball ShoesA really versatile type of shoe that remains unique for basketball. It has a higher shaft that measures from top to down and gives you great fit. The outer surfaces are made from quality leather strips that are waterproof.

Not to mention, that the lacing system is solid and stable. It gives you the chance to have the shoes bent against your feet steadily without any compromise. There is also extra cushioning on the heel area, giving you the chance to instantly relieve your footbed.

The rubber outsole is both durable and flexible at the same time. It can last for a long time according to weather conditions and is not worn off easily. You can check on the outer lugs that are more resistant than any other brand.

The fitting ability is outstanding, and you can feel them embrace your feet when jumping.

These shoes also have a softer tongue not to aggravate the foot arch. Finally, you can always take advantage of the sockliner as well..

Give your shoes the best treatment and you will always have the most impressive basketball performance.


  • Great variety of colors
  • Lacing system keeps on embracing the foot arch
  • Outsoles are flexible and have greater lugs to improve traction
  • Visible air sole chamber to give you protection against shocks
  • Rubber outsole is durable and never wears off


  • Not available in all regions

2. Adidas Men’s CF Lite Racer Byd

Adidas Men's CF Lite Racer BydFinally, Adidas has made its miracle with these Lite Racer shoes that fit anybody. You can say they are among the best cheap basketball shoes ever presented to the public. Perfectly shaped to depict the modern anxiety of players when being in the basketball course.

These sneakers can be also worn during leisure time and still be the most fashionable around. The touch to the ground happens easily with a single rubber layer. This is a pair of shoes that all basketball players would like to have.

The midsole has a special foamy material that takes the shape of your feet. This creates even more comfort inside the shoes. Not to mention, there is extra cushioning to the heel and foot curve areas.

This is the part of the shoes which really aggravates the motion of the basketball player. In case you don’t want to wear them tight you only need to fix the laces. An improved lacing system with a single rubber band is present to ensure quality.

Finally, the outsole gives you more grip and traction than you will ever need. It keeps you stable – even in the most uneven surfaces. Keep on buying Adidas for its best features that keep you safe when playing basketball.


  • Has both textile and synthetic fibers
  • You get a perfect waterproof profile
  • Helps the normal foot anatomy
  • Eases the movements as well as the jumping motion
  • It has a stretch mesh upper for improved breathability


  • Doesn’t fit all types of people – Better for men

3. Reebok Men’ s Royal Bb4500 Hi2 Sneaker

Reebok Men’ s Royal Bb4500 Hi2 SneakerThis is really the number one type of shoe for basketball, presented by Reebok to the modern public. There is no other opponent in the market for this kind of shoe. They are considered to be one of the best shoes workouts that could also be used for leisure and other extra-athletic activities.

There is no other company like this, in terms of safety and more options.
The upper mesh and shaft are more loose and breathable, giving unique comfort to the user. Additionally, the sockliner is made of quality materials, so that connectivity with external aids is guaranteed.

Not to mention that you always have the guarantee of Reebok. You have a masterpiece of modern basketball manufacturing. The higher level of the outsole keeps on giving greater comfort to the players. Made with imported materials to meet all requirements, and still this show is comfortable.


  • The new Reebok comfort fit gives everybody proper attention.
  • There is a durable rubber alloy on the outsole giving greater grip.
  • The insole is softer
  • There is more room for the forefoot, giving you extra comfort.
  • The flexible heel area adds on to the comfort of use.


  • Sizes are sometimes difficult to find.

4. Adidas Originals Men’s Vs Hoops Mid 2.0

Adidas Originals Men's Vs Hoops Mid 2.0While Adidas is well known for the best soccer and tennis shoes, there is also a special series that is great for basketball training addicts as well. The Powerlift series are said to be one of the best shoes for training, since they incorporate all the features that you need in order to be successful when training or competing.

Their outsole is perfectly balanced on each side, giving you improved ability to run on uneven surfaces without the fear of sliding down and getting injured. Not to mention, that the extra lugs applied on the external part of the outsole help you to maintain a sustainable balance across the slippery court, no matter how harsh the external conditions may be.

The insole is softer than any other shoe you have ever tried, and has more sensible cushioning in the foot curve and heel area, to make sure that small vibrations will never harm your feet.

Do yourself a favor and select these shoes for basketball training. They keep on being solid and perfect for indoors or outdoors. You will never find such a promising pair of basketball shoes.


  • Very lightweight shoes that improve performance.
  • The external rubber alloy does not fade away or get affected by heat and water.
  • The style is unique, and you can always be the center of attention.
  • There is a very thin upper mesh giving you room to walk around freely.
  • The forefoot area has more space for the toe fingers, enhancing the stability.


  • The midsole has no foamy interval and cannot give you much comfort.

5. Adidas Originals Men’s Daily 2.0 Sneaker

Adidas Originals Men's Daily 2.0 SneakerThere is nothing more precious than having a pair of athletic Adidas shoes in your closet. The adidas company has managed to combine all the great features that you are asking for, in a perfect pair of shoes.

The outsole is rigid enough to keep your feet in close contact to the ground. You can easily balance on adidas shoes, since the outsole is more useful outdoors than indoors.
The midsole is soft and made of foamy material, which can adapt to thee user’s feet. This is important since most nerves are passing from the foot curve, which is supported by the high-tech midsole.

Finally, the outer parts of the shoes are made from a combination of synthetic leather and fabric that reduces the total weight of the shoes. This can give you extra stamina when you are trying to compete and gathering all your strength to beat your opponents.

In that case the adidas shoes can help you miraculously.


  • Extra-long insole gives more comfort.
  • Smart lacing system keeps the shoes firmly attached.
  • The midsole has a foamy material that can make you feel comfortable.
  • The outsole is flexible and durable for enhanced traction.
  • There is less effort needed to put the on and off due to the intelligent mesh.


  • Shoes are not available in all parts of the world and online.

6. Pozvnn Men’s Sneakers Mesh Ultra Lightweight

Pozvnn Men's Sneakers Mesh Ultra LightweightOnce more Nike has made its miracle. The new series of Pozvnn Men basketball shoes are the best shoes for the game and there is nothing you can do to change that. The basketball training will be more effective when you wear these shoes.

Shoes are characterized by a roomy interior, especially in the forefoot and midfoot area, where all the sensitive areas of the feet are located. The cushioning is placed directly where the heel area is, while the foot curve gets less aggravated by pressure against the road.
This type of shoes has more lacing options to choose from. Apart from the classic laces, there is also a big strap embracing the foot arch, which can give you more stability and safety when running.

Finally, the outsole is equipped with larger lugs which are going to give you enough grip and traction, even when you are running through the rain. Never underestimate the power of the water passing through your shoes.
Basketball shoes are supposed to be waterproof when needed and absorb excessive sweat.


  • Anti-bacterial interior keeps your hygiene high.
  • The outsole is made of quality rubber that doesn’t wear off.
  • The EVA midsole gives extra comfort to the user.
  • There is a smart lacing system making easy to put on the shoes.
  • The external heel protector reduces the danger of injuries.


  • No great availability in sizes.

7. Beita High Upper Basketball Shoes Sneakers Men Breathable Sports Shoes Anti Slip

Beita High Upper Basketball Shoes Sneakers Men Breathable Sports Shoes Anti SlipThe Beita company keeps on producing extremely quality shoes that are meant to become one of the best shoes for basketball workouts. They are recognized among users for their intense quality and their ability to increase their stamina when training.

The upper mesh is softer than ever before, and interconnects to the tongue. This feature gives the athlete the option to remove the tongue to enhance its endurance while training.

The fabric which makes the interior, is sweat absorbent in such a way that there is no need to change your shocks when you are walking or running.

The outsole is rigid enough so that you ensure there is no wearing off due to harsh weather conditions. The midsole is specifically designed to give you more comfort when you are running, and even when you are facing multiple impacts and hurdles.

There is no other way to have outstanding performance than purchasing this pair of shoes. They are waterproof. You will feel comfortable when wearing them without getting wet at any point.


  • Longer outsole gives you more comfort when running.
  • The insole is sweat absorbent and soft.
  • The outer layer is waterproof.
  • There is less effort needed to put on the shoes.
  • The lacing system gives extra strength to the user.


  • There is no variety in colors.

8. Adidas Men’s Hoops 2.0 Mid Sneaker

Adidas Men's Hoops 2.0 Mid SneakerAdidas has always been the innovation in the shoe industry. There is nothing more to say about the adidas shoes, other that they are considered to be among the best shoes for basketball workouts, and can be with you for a long period of time. Provided of course, that you are treating them gentle and wash, rinse and keep them in a safe place.

However, the durability of adidas shoes is tremendous and can give you a competitive advantage on the court. The outsole is the most durable part of the shoes and this can give you enhanced grip.

Finally, the insole is soft and tender and can also give you lots of comfort when you are constantly walking or training. The intelligent cushioning system is at work all the time, especially on the heel area where the vast majority of pressure is exerted..

Not to mention, that these shoes are washable. This means you can add the everyday washing plan to your busy schedule. Then you can keep them neat for your next appearance on the courts.


  • Great variety in colors and shapes,and match all tastes.
  • The upper mesh and shaft are extremely breathable.
  • The inner fabrics are specially made to enhance the heat containment.
  • There is more friction produced between the surface and the outsole.
  • The forefoot area has more flexibility which in turn increases the stability.


  • The external orthotics on the sockliner and not easy to remove.

9. Nike Men’s Ebernon Low Basketball Shoe

Nike Men's Ebernon Low Basketball ShoeThis modern series of Nike shoes have all the characteristics you may ask from a pair of shoes. First, they have a great insole that keeps you comfortable during exercise. They are called the best shoes for plyometrics and they have lots of reasons to support this statement.

The Nike shoes are always softer than their competitors, due to having more cushioning on the sensitive parts of the feet, like the arches and the foot curve.

Then, these shoes have a great outsole air tube that can absorb all ground abnormalities and even protect you from mild impacts when jumping. This is just what you need when your body receives excessive pressure for a large period of time.

When you first get these Nike shoes, you feel amazed by the extreme quality. Support is all around the shoes and can make you feel better.

Not to mention, that you can get them in the color you really like, to keep the motivation high. Colors make your mood and increase your morale during the game. Overall, a great experience that makes a difference.


  • Extra-large cushioning that embraces the heel area.
  • Ultra-hard outsole that gives you more durability.
  • The sockliner can easily cooperate with all orthotics.
  • There is also a breathable upper mesh to enhance the air flow.
  • They are stylish and come in various types and colors.


  • There is little room for the toe fingers which may be annoying.

10. Reebok Men’s Workout Plus Sneaker

Reebok Men's Workout Plus SneakerThis is really the number one type of shoes for basketball exercise presented by Reebok to the public. There is no other opponent in the market for this kind of shoes. They are considered to be one of the best shoes for basketball,that could also be used for leisure and other extra-athletic activities.

There is no other company like Reebok in terms of safety. It is voted as one of the best cheap basketball shoes.
The upper mesh and shaft are more than loose and breathable, giving unique comfort to the user. Additionally, the sockliner is made of quality materials so that connectivity with external aids is guaranteed.

This is a total anti-vibration type of shoe. When playing basketball, vibrations through the game are caused primarily by impacts to the ground. These shoes can ease those vibrations to an acceptable level.

Another great issue is the lacing system. Reebok has invented an innovative lacing system which e works without suppressing the foot arches. A really impressive achievement that can ease the pain felt by basketball shoes.

Check out these shoes and make sure you are always opting for the right size. Keep them clean and they can stay with you for a prolonged period of time.


  • The new Reebok comfort fit gives everybody proper attention.
  • There is a durable rubber alloy on the outsole giving greater grip.
  • The insole is softer.
  • There is more room for the forefoot, giving you extra comfort.
  • The flexible heel area adds on to the comfort of use.


  • Sizes are sometimes difficult to find.

11. Under Armour Boys’ Grade School Get B Z Basketball Shoe

Under Armour Boys' Grade School Get B Z Basketball ShoeOne of the most popular pairs of shoes ever presented by the Under Armour company. This specific type of shoes is registered as the best shoes for basketball . The shoes are wider in the center of the feet, and this gives you a sense of comfort never felt before.

The outsole is rigid enough to deal with all potential problems when running. Not to mention that it is also flexible to give you improved access to any kind of exercise.

The mesh is strategically placed in the center of the sho,e so that the sensitive parts of the feet are interconnected and distressed.

Finally, these shoes give you more cushioning to the heel area and protect the ankle no matter how hard the impact with the surface is.

If you want to buy the most sensitive and stylish shoes for basketball, this is the pair you are looking for. Flexible and durable at the same time you can always count on it to be the MVP of the game.


  • Longer mesh gives more breathability to the shoe.
  • The insole has a special anti-microbial layer for better hygiene.
  • The outer leather parts of the shoes are more waterproof.
  • There are fewer plastic parts on the shoes to reduce their weight.
  • The outsole has special lugs on it to make sure proper traction is gained.


  • They are made primarily for women that makes men look for other brands.

12. Under Armour Men’s Lockdown 4 Basketball Shoe

Under Armour Men's Lockdown 4 Basketball ShoeAs Under Armour is the world-renowned company known for its quality shoes, the Lockdown series have been said to be the best shoes for basketball training. They are also considered to be the best cheap basketball shoes.
The insole is one of a kind and can easily take the shape of the person wearing them.

The outsole is made of special rubber particles that are heat resistant and can help you find your balance, no matter how slippery the terrain may be. The forefoot area is ample enough to provide comfort and the toe fingers have their own room so that they provide enough balance to the whole body when running or exercising.

Finally, the lacing system of the Reebok shoes is by far the most sophisticated across the competition. With a single strap embracing the foot arch and ankle area, there is no chance that the shoes would abandon your feet – no matter how intense the training may become.


  • There is a SMART lacing system keeping you on track all the time.
  • The fabrics are specially lightweight to make shoes more comfortable.
  • The outsole keeps on being durable and flexible at the same time.
  • The FOAMY technology of the midsole gives great fit to everyone.
  • There is more space for the sensitive parts of the feet.


  • There is no chance you can remove the insole since it is integrated to the shoe.

13. Nike Men’s Air Versitile Iii Basketball Shoe

Nike Men's Air Versitile Iii Basketball ShoeThe new Nike series of basketball shoes are well-known for their extreme quality and their ability to make you outperform when you are wearing them. Scientists in Nike are aware of the modern need of the market to combine special shoes that are good both for training and for leisure time. This is exactly what women are asking for when buying a new pair of shoes.

These Nike shoes are said to be the best cheap basketball shoes and can help you find a great balance between your sports life and the social life as well.

The inner side of the shoes is made of quality leather, so that it keeps absorbing the excessive sweat when working out. The outsole is flexible so that you can anticipate any possible hurdle on your way.

Finally, the shoes have special holes on the upper mesh that keep the air flowing downwards and adjust the thermal shock that feet are undertaking every time you train.


  • Extra durable outsole with bigger lugs for better traction and grip.
  • The outer leather is great for water resistance under any weather.
  • The insole is comfortable and extra-cushioned to the heel area.
  • There is more room on the shoe side, to address wide feet problems.
  • The midsole has the EVA technology that helps your feet assimilate the shape.


  • There is less room for the toe fingers compared to other series.

14. Adidas Men’s Pro Vision

Adidas Men's Pro VisionThe strap makes the difference in these special shoes – created for all action sports and extreme training. They are considered to be among the best shoes for basketball and can make you feel comfortable – even after prolonged hours or exercise.

The shoes have a special midsole layer that supports the user’s weight when needed and keeps your footbed pain free when lots of pressure is exerted from the ground.

Additionally, the outsole is rigid enough to withstand adverse weather conditions (rain or sun) and at the same time is equipped with high-tech lugs which e give you more grip and better traction over all kinds of terrains.

No one could imagine playing basketball without wearing this unique pair of shoes. Not only is its style astonishing, but it can also make you the center of attention. Most people disregard the fact that Adidas shoes are not that affordable, and take the decision to purchase these shoes.

The inner layer of the outsole keeps on taking the shape of your feet to feel comfortable. No matter how high you may jump, these shoes will make it easier for you.

Another great issue is the improved stability. This happens due to the elevated outsole. The perfect gripping is also a unique benefit that comes only with this kind of adidas shoes.


  • Extremely fashionable
  • Waterproof to the fullest extent
  • More improved smart lacing system
  • Outsole is made from space shuttle rubber material
  • Lightweight and very solid


  • Not available in a female edition

15. Adidas Men’s Ownthegame Wide Basketball Shoe

Adidas Men's Ownthegame Wide Basketball ShoeNo matter if their title refers to male users, this series of shoes is said to be among the best basketball shoes. Hard exercise has been made easy wearing these shoes, thanks to their great aerodynamic shape, that keeps giving more energy to the user anytime he wears them.

The insole is the most comfortable part of the shoe.
Not to mention, the outer leather part of the shoes is waterproof enough to give you more protection against heavy rain while wearing them.

Finally, the shoes have a great forefoot area which gives more comfort to the toe fingers. This enables you to be more stable while training and can take all your pain away.


  • Improved design and appearance
  • Upgraded waterproof abilities
  • Expert gripping even in the watery terrains
  • Perfect cushioning that embraces the heel and foot curve areas
  • Well known adidas quality


  • Not always available in all regions

Best Cheap Basketball Shoes FAQs

1. Is it a prerequisite to wear socks with my basketball shoes?

The normal answer to this question is: Yes. The friction between your foot skin and the inner parts of the shoes are going to irritate you. This irritation can reach the level of inflammation and finally, of an open wound. It could prevent you from playing basketball anymore. That is why you always need to put on your socks when you are wearing the best cheap basketball shoes.

However, there have been players like Larry Bird and Magic Johnson who loved to play without socks. This has been an exception that confirms the rule, and nobody can claim the opposite.

2. What are the differences between normal and basketball shoes?

Well, actually basketball shoes are an evolution of the normal sneakers. Running shoes and climbing shoes have been designed so distinctly that you can say the difference right away. It is not the same with basketball shoes, however.

These shoes have been made with a higher upper mesh and tongue to support the ankle joint. Going on, you have a higher and stronger outsole that most of the time is filled with air or foamy material. This happens to absorb shocks from jumping for the ball during the game.

Another great difference comes from the lacing system area. This lacing system keeps on being basic in normal shoes. In contrast, basketball shoes are featuring a more solid and complex lacing system. You can rest reassured that this lacing system will keep the shoes on your feet at any given time.

Finally, the basketball shoes are more cushioned than the normal ones. Heel and footbed areas have extra cushioning to provide more comfort for the players.

3. Is there any cap to the amount spent on basketball shoes?

Normal persons are not supposed to give a fortune on basketball shoes. This may happen to a certain extent for the professional players. These are the people who make a living from this game and need to have state-of-the-art equipment. So, to rephrase the question, there is actually no cap to the amount you can spend on your shoes.

You need to select shoes according to your personal budget. It is definite that modern brands are creating basketball shoes for all budgets. Never stick to a certain brand that may not have availability the moment you want it. Place a cap to the price you are willing to give for your basketball shoes, but not to your dreams.

4. Do you really need a pair of basketball shoes to play basketball?

This is like asking if you need a fishing rod to go fishing. Actually, you can try to play basketball barefoot and you will start measuring your open wounds afterwards. Basketball shoes have been more affordable than normal ones.

This has happened thanks to the great subsidy basketball teams have given to the manufacturers. Although it is harder to find the right basketball shoes for your style, keep on looking.

When you find the right type of basketball shoes, stick to it until you are positive you are playing great basketball. No one can claim that they can play basketball without the proper shoes. Jumping and running may harm your soft tissues and joints. Provide yourself with the best cheap basketball shoes and you will thrive against any opponent.

5. How long should I keep my basketball shoes?

There is no general rule about the correct life cycle of the best cheap basketball shoes. Although, this may be true, you shouldn’t exaggerate on the time you are wearing the same pair of shoes. Your shoes are under constant pressure every time you play basketball. It is hard to imagine that the outsole changes shape when you jump.

However, in order to be safe and sound, you better change your shoes regularly. Today you have the chance to buy new shoes at an affordable price every 6 months. There are a lot of discount periods to get the best cheap basketball shoes at even lower prices.

Never use the same shoes for over a basketball or school season. This is because the lugs on the outsole get worn off and are dangerous for your stability. Better buy some lower budget shoes than playing basketball with your used ones.