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Best Basketball Shoes in 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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1. Nike 2. Under Armor 3. Reebok
Nike Men's Air Visi Pro Vi Under Armour Men's Jet Mid Basketball Shoe Reebok Men's Royal Bb4500 Hi 2 Sneaker

If basketball was a battle then shoes would be your weapon. You can’t win a war without the right weapon. Casual sneakers are all about your personal preference. Don’t let anyone tell you what looks good. But when we are talking about on-court performance, it’s a different ball game altogether. You are on the court to win and you need shoes that are in it to win it.

Which ones are the best basketball shoes? This is at best an invalid question and to respond to it will be disingenuous on my part. There is no dearth of great shoes, you just got to learn which ones are perfect for you.

The net is littered with choices for shoes. Websites, brands, fits, limited edition, you name it and they got it. The realisation that you need a fresh pair of kicks is the easiest part. The real battle begins when you start looking. It seems impossible to pick the right shoe in this overcrowded market space.

It seems to push you further away from the decision. Some kicks look so insane that you are convinced that they are the best basketball shoes right now. But they might not give you the support you need. What your heart wants might not be the best shoes to play basketball in.


Your game style, position on the court, your weight and your balance all have a deep impact on finding the best basketball shoes for you. These factors are important for both better performance and safeguarding from injury. We are here to make you understand, not all basketball shoes are made equally.

We will help you break down the factors that will set you on the path to answering that pertinent question. What are the best basketball shoes to play in for you?

How To Pick The Best Performance Basketball Shoes

Two things that you need to understand before you pick out the best basketball sneakers. First and foremost, figure out what type of player you are. Be honest, ask a fellow baller if you have to. Who you are on the court to decide what you need on your feet? What are your physical weakness and stress points? Is it your knees or your ankles? Do you play every day or you hit the courts on the weekend?

The next thing is the shoe. Try to understand what constitutes a shoe. Ask questions like, ‘Why does your favourite all-stars wear the shoes he does?’

How is it different from others? Observe what the shoes are made of, what materials have been used. Understand that not everything on the shoe is about design. A lot of it is about the structure.

Best selling basketball shoes is not a testament to how good they are. You have to step away from marketing and move towards information. The factors that we will be listing out below will not just unlock the choice for the best basketball shoes 2019. It will unravel the secret to pick out the best performance basketball shoes, period.

1. Know Your Shoe

To find the best shoes to play basketball in, you need to understand the shoe itself. A shoe is primarily made of 3 parts, the top part, the midsole and outsole.

  • The most prominent of these three is the top of the shoe. It carries most of the colour, design and branding. It often drives the buying decision but for the wrong reasons. Many things like Velcro and zippers are used to secure the shoe but laces are considered the best option. They hold the shoe in place. The height of the shoe will determine the amount of support your ankles will get.
  • The midsole is all about the comfort and cushioning. Best shoes to play basketball in are the ones that can dissipate maximum impact. A good sole will absorb the impact of a jump to the knees and ankles. This reduces the chance of injury by a lot. The cushioning closer to the toes and the heel are the most vulnerable. Try to choose a lighter material.
  • The outsole is all about the traction and grip. This is the part of the shoe that interacts with the outside elements. A shoe that does not grip is a sure shot recipe for disaster. It is important to pick something that is both light and durable. If you play on outdoor courts, you need a much tougher shoe.

2. What’s Your Position?

“What are the best basketball shoes?” is a question best answered with another question. ‘What’s your position on the court?” Your position on the court will decide the performance requirement from the shoes. All the best-rated basketball shoes are specialists.

  • If you play guard your game requires a lot of movement, quick acceleration, stops and turns. Agility is key. So, you need shoes that give you room for movement and are light at the same time. Low tops will be the best running basketball shoes.
  • Forwards are often big players leaning away while shooting a hoop. If you want to rule the paint, the most important factor to consider would be stability and support. High ankle variant with wide cushioned soles is the way to go.
  • If you are an all-rounder, king of the court kind of guy, your shoes need the same level of versatility. Agility alone is not enough but at the same time, the need for support is absolute. The mid-high shoes will be the best basketball shoes for you.

3. Size Matters

The size and fit are very important when selecting the best new basketball shoes. This needs a bit of research from your end. The only way to really know is to try them out. Go to a mall near you. Maybe you can slip into your friend’s pair for a game, just to get the feel of the fit. You don’t have to try out all the shoes. Mostly every brand has their signature size and cut. Try a couple of shoes in a brand and you will get an idea of the fit.

Many people stick to the same brand all their lives because the fit is just perfect. Size charts are more often than not misleading. A size 10 in one brand could be 11 or even 9 in another. When looking at the size chart stick to a specific brand. Try to find the true size shoes.

Don’t buy a shoe that is ‘too comfortable’. All shoes stretch out, especially the ones which have to go through rigorous physical stress, like basketball shoes. Buy a shoe with a snug fit. It will ease out around your feet in a few days enough to be comfortable yet provide support.

4. Sole

The sole is truly the soul of a shoe. No sole no shoes. The sole is the foundation upon which your shoe is built. The sole is also the part of the shoe that takes maximum damage, wear and tear and impact. The designs at the bottom of your sole are not just about aesthetics. It is made with a purpose, traction. Don’t dismiss the technology of soles as marketing jargon. The sole is the difference between winning the trophy or spending the rest of the game on the bench.

The best basketball shoes are the ones with light but a tough sole. You must buy a shoe with a long-lasting sole. You don’t want the soles wear out quickly and you spend most of your time on the floor. Most people are playing their games on concrete floors. These wear out your soles way faster than the hardwood courts. The shoe soles have to be extra tough to endure this.

Your favourite NBA stars special edition might not be the ideal shoes for an outdoor court. If the sole of your shoe is not right then all the money you spend on them is a waste.

5. Cushion

The cushion is what makes the shoe feel really plush. This is what sets apart the best from the rest. If you are going to buy yourself just one pair, buy one with some cushion. Best basketball shoes are the ones that protect you from wear and tear. People who hoop regularly should definitely go for a good amount of cushion. Playing with hard sole shoes daily can cause some substantial damage over time. Those who play or hope to play professionally need this to maintain their fitness levels.

If you are a big person, cushion is very important. All that running, stopping and layups can impact your knees and ankles adversely. This will impact both health and gameplay. Anyone with a history of knee pain also needs to have a good bit of cushion.

The technology in providing cushion has gone leaps and bounds. For some people, the cushion for the forefeet is important and for some the heel. All depends on your playing style. Try to observe which part of your foot feels sore, stressed or hurts after a game. This will help you select the best basketball shoes for you.

6. Quality

The tussle between quality and price is as old as the market itself. And when it is about basketball sneakers, looks do matter. This often pushes people to buy cheap shoes that are low on the quality spectrum. This could be a serious mistake. A shoe that is expected to perform under stress has to be stable and durable.

Choosing a known brand like Nike, Reebok or Adidas is a safe choice. They make some of the best basketball shoes right now. These brands have been dedicated to creating a quality product with sports performance at the centre of engineering. But name brands are not the only way to go. But before you buy, do your research and check out the reviews. Shoes that are too cheap will mostly lack in quality

Avoid knock-offs! The purpose of a knock off is to recreate the look. These shoes are fine for casual wear but can be a disaster on the court. The makers will mostly lack the material, know-how or the monetary conviction to create the best basketball performance shoes. These shoes can potentially result in serious long-term injury. Remember, safety first always.

7. The Look

It might be the right way or the wrong way, but the primary motivating factor for most people to get a fresh pair is the look. It is not uncommon for the best looking basketball shoes to become the best selling basketball shoes. Basketball has transcended sports and is now a lifestyle. Those who have never even laid a couple of hoops are showing off their kicks. It only makes sense for an actual baller to bring some of that style to the court.

But it is important to not get carried away by the looks. It might say a lot about you as a person but will do next to nothing for performance. If your favourite player does not play the same position as you, you should probably not buy the kicks he wears. They are not meant for you. The best basketball performance shoes are about you and your game, not a billboard.

Just rank functionality above looks. Whatever may your style be on the court, there are innumerable shoes out there for everyone. We are listing 1 of the best basketball shoes right now in the market and they all look sick.

You now know how to pick out the best new basketball shoes for you. Here are the picks, in no particular order, for the best basketball shoes right now in the market.

Top 15 Best Basketball Shoes in 2020

1. Nike Men’s Air Visi Pro Vi

Nike Best Basketball Shoes

The first pair of kicks on our list are by Nike. These shoes are comfortable and fit snug around the foot. The shoes are very malleable and will stretch out nicely on those quick turnarounds. Nike is known for its soles. A definite pioneer in the field of sole tech. The shoes have an EVA foam bases phylon midsole. The heel has the extra impact support with an open style air sole heel unit. The soles are lightweight and the cushioning is nothing short of premium.

The finish looks clean and minimal but impactful. It has both textile and polyester materials with awesome stitching details all over. The perforated top makes the shoes breathable and comfortable to wear for long games. The rear end of the shoe is reinforced for additional ankle support. The midrise styling provides support and agility. This makes it one of the best basketball shoes on the market for all-rounders. These are suitable for the guard and point players as well. These shoes come in a couple of colour options but the all-black look steals the show.

The traction on these shoes is epic both on both concrete and hardwood courts. This perfect balance of looks and purpose make them one of the best selling basketball shoes by Nike. If you are still a bit unsure about what kind of shoes are perfect for you, Air Visi Pro VI is a safe bet for you.


2. Under Armour Men’s Jet Mid Basketball Shoe

Under Armour Men's Jet Mid Basketball Shoe

You will be gliding up and down the court in these cool kicks. Under Armour is one of the leading brands when it comes to basketball performance and comfort shoes. Many of their shoes have made it to numerous best basketball shoes lists and for good reason. These shoes have a mesh upper that makes them super light and extremely breathable. There is some additional protection on the toes and ankle support at the back. The mid-top design provides equal support from all sides to the ankle but does not restrict movement.

These kicks have the trusted EVA full foam sole. The insides have a lot of cushion for comfort and a good fit. There is also a lot of good support with curvature throughout the middle part. There is no special tech for the heels but the overall balance and roll over feel is very smooth. The impact is well distributed throughout the shoe. This will provide a lot of cushion for those jump shots.

The soles grip very well on the court but not much that they would affect your launch. Extra traction is provided for the heel and forefoot. This makes them best-running basketball shoes with a perfect break and boost support.

If looks do matter to you, the styling and colour options for these shoes is just insane. The sheer choices available makes this pair one of the best looking basketball shoes on the list.


3. Reebok Men’s Royal Bb4500 Hi 2 Sneaker

Reebok Men's Royal Bb4500 Hi 2 Sneaker

Moving forward we have another footwear giant featuring on our best rated basketball shoes list. If I was to use one word to describe these kicks, it’s got to be ‘Royal’. The styling options with this Reebok pair seems endless. And these are not just some monochromatic flips. There are genuinely unique design elements in different looks of the shoes. The camouflage soul has to be my favourite.

These are the first ones on our list of best basketball shoes 2019 to have leather on top of the shoe. This screams luxury. The mostly leather finish also makes for much more support to your foot and ankle. This also makes them very durable. The mesh finish on the top back of the shoe makes it easy to put them on and off and does not scrape the back of the foot.

The perforated pattern on the toe makes it breathable. Another cool and much-needed addition to these shoes is the removable anti-microbial ortho light sock liner. It fights bad order build-up after long uses and provides the welcome additional cushioning. The midsole has ample cushioning as well. That and the insole together make these shoes feel like walking on the clouds.

The abrasion-resistant outsole provides a stronghold on the court and makes them long-lasting. All this tough stuff with a very flexible sole. If you are out in the market for some tough but sweet looking kicks, your search ends here. These royal sneakers will have to be one of the top picks for best basketball sneakers in 2019.


4. Adidas Originals Men’s Pro Bounce

Adidas Originals Men's Pro Bounce

As the name suggests, these shoes are made to play ball. The first thing that you will notice on these shoes will be the outsole. The traction on these shoes is top-notch. The patterns on the outsole are carefully created to give maximum traction to the key pressure points. This provides the much needed support when your weight shifts around during a dribble. It also gives the necessary boost or support you need for a layup or dunk. You can play indoors or outdoors, smooth, rough or dusty courts it does not matter. These shoes just lock in when you need them to. No more bruised knees or the dreaded sprained ankles.

These shoes are one of the best basketball shoes because of the legacy they come from. The shoes feature the same midsole cushion that was introduced in the same line, Bounce. And bounce you will, once you have these on. The foam is firm but not so stiff that you don’t get any feedback from the court and feel totally disconnected from the surface.

To some people, the material used on the shoe to is not the best but it is definitely durable. The mesh makes it very breathable. The material perfectly drapes around the foot to create seamless performance between man and shoe. The Adidas originals are definitely ranking high as the best basketball shoes out right now.


5. Adidas Men’s Ultimate Bball

Adidas Men's Ultimate Bball

How can these not make it to our list of best basketball shoes 2019? After all, the game is in its name. Adidas has been really working towards their basketball shoe lineup and this ‘Bballing’ pair is a result of that. The shoe top is crafted with stretchable mesh and textile. Slipping your foot inside these is effortless. While inside they quickly adapt to your foot structure while giving a solid lock-in. These could be the best performance basketball shoes for someone who has a tough time finding shoes that fit them well. They will make a great choice for those with wide toes as well.

We keep saying that best basketball shoes are the ones that feel like a custom fit on your feet. Nothing says custom fit and feel like memory foam sock liner. It gives additional protection from impact and the sole moulds itself around your feet. This helps to manage the weight shift and pressure points as per individual weight and movement style.

The cloud foam midsole and the outsole are one single unit. This creates a well spread out balanced cushioning and prevents excessive strain on any specific part of the foot. These shoes will be a great pick for all kinds of players, body types and courts.


6. Nike Men’s Kobe Mamba Rage Basketball Shoes

Nike Men's Kobe Mamba Rage Basketball Shoes

When a shoe has Kobe’s name on it, it installs a lot of confidence in everyone’s mind. The next suggestion from our list is part of Nike’s Kobe collection. If you are a shooting guard or a point guard like Kobe, these low ankle shoes could be the best basketball shoes for you. The snake pattern design on the outsole creates substantial traction. These are a great fit for someone who mostly plays on hardwood courts. The outer edges of the outsole are tougher because it takes much more wear and tear.

The shoe top material feels very aerated and fresh throughout the day. The midsole has a great feel and comfort to it and the overall structure has a great fit to it. You will not feel any weight going side to side on the footbed when you have these kicks on. There is additional outer toe support to counter that Tipping feeling.

These are the first low ankle shoes that we have on this list of best new basketball shoes on the market and for good reason. The Kobe range is known for the great support and at under a hundred dollars, these shoes are a steal.


7. Nike Men’s Air Versitile III Basketball Shoe

Nike Men's Air Versitile III Basketball Shoe

Some shoes work for most playing styles and player sizes. That is exactly what Nike has on offer with the Versitile III. These neat looking kicks are power-packed with performance and comfort. The shoe top is fabricated with a breathable mesh that keeps your feet cool all through the game. The reinforced toe adds extra protection and rollover support for the forefoot. The sneakers have a dynamic fit system giving it that firm but snug fit for the feet. The padding on the back of the heel ensures there is no irritation or chafing.

The cushion of these shoes is something else. The arched and ample midsole ensures support along the whole base of the feet. The midfoot saddle guarantees that arch gets all the support and the heel stays right in place. The heel itself is cushioned lavishly. The visible shock-absorbing air sole dilutes any impact that the shoe experiences and looks uber cool doing it.

The outsole has all direction circular grid lines. These make sure that no matter what direction you slip and slide in on the court, the shoe will maintain a steady grip. The hard rubber outer sole is very durable and fit to use on rough concrete courts. Versitile III is a definite crowd-pleaser. The kicks are priced below a hundred dollar with tech and comfort of a much higher price range. They are a trifecta of performance, looks and price. This makes them a top contender for best performance basketball shoes for a not just this year but for years to come.


8. Nike Men’s Lebron Soldier XII Basketball Shoe

Nike Men's Lebron Soldier XII Basketball Shoe

Another star-studded collection edition shoe has made it to the best basketball shoes 2019 must-haves. The Lebron Soldier is the second collection by Lebron. Originally released as a ‘budget option’ for Lebron fans, the Soldier edition has created it’s very own following now. These super cool kicks definitely have the edgiest design on this quest to find you the best basketball sneakers.

These kicks are not just lookers. They are tough where it matters. The hard sole and the deep grooves anchor it perfectly when you slip and slide. The cushion in this pair is sublime. The famed air zoom technology in these shoes works effortlessly. The structural reinforcing on the shoe prevents any lateral movement on the shoe bed.

Unlike most shoes on our list, these have a strapping system opposed to laces. The criss-cross pattern of the straps locks your foot into place and fits like a glove. It is easy on – easy off design that fits instantly. The break-in time on these is among the lowest that you will find anywhere. If you are looking for best performance basketball shoes that is a genuine head-turner, Lebron soldier IX are the sneakers for you.


9. Beita High Upper Basketball Shoes

Beita High Upper Basketball Shoes

We have something for everyone here. We have featured a lot of higher to mid-range shoes on this count down. Most of these are from name brands. The best basketball shoes 2019 list is incomplete without a budget entry. These shoes from Beita is the options for those who are looking for a shoe that is low on price but high on performance. The shoe upper is made up of strong textile and mesh which provides for a strong structure. The heel shield provides for additional support for your feet. There are options galore as far as styling goes. There is something for everyone’s taste.

Sweaty feet and odour built up are common complaints from budget shoe buyers. It leaves your shoes damp and the room stinky. No one needs that. Breathable design with perforated top provides for good air circulation. The good folks at Beita are very dedicated to quality and insist that if the quality is not up to the standards they should be contacted.

The one-piece solid rubber outsole provides great grip on the floor with anti-skid technology. The materials that have been used are sturdy and long-lasting. A very important factor for a budget buyer.


10. Under Armour Men’s Launch Basketball Shoe

Under Armour Men's Launch Basketball Shoe

We have another entry from the performance shoe powerhouse, Under Armor. They have been working hard and creating some great basketball shoes. This particular pair is called Launch and rightfully so. The outer sole is hard with herringbone traction pattern. There is no slipping, sliding and unintended stretching with these kicks. Once you put these on, your feet are firmly planted into the court till you want to start moving.

The mid soft mid soul cushion complements the hard-outer sole perfectly. Fabricated with EVA, the Mid Soul provides a lot of impact protection while being light as a feather. This synergy between the outer and mid soul has aptly been named Launch. These kicks are so light that you feel light as a feather when you take that jump shot. If you like to glide through the court, these could be the best basketball shoes to play in for you.

The shoe is nice and wide with a high top and shielded ankle to give it that extra support. These shoes are perfect for the big guys. It gives a lot of impact cushions and the strong structure prevents any unwanted lateral movement. The launch shoes will keep the player firmly footed.


11. Adidas Originals Men’s Pro Bounce

Adidas Originals Men's Pro Bounce

Adidas is known to pair modern footwear technology with classic styling. Men’s Pro Bounce is one such performer on the court and a head-turner off the court. The shoe top is made with light breathable material. The small toe guard is both minimal and functional. It is not so prominent that your big toe hits a wall and constricts your movement. The heel protection is also provided to give more structural integrity to these otherwise soft shoes.

The real magic though is in the sole. The grip on the hard rubber outer sole is a lot like its high-top cousin that we saw earlier on our list. Specific pressure point receptors are provided at the bottom for more traction and impact absorption. This is the kind of stuff best basketball shoes are made of.

What stands out for most athletes when they walk onto the court with these kicks on is the cushioning. The bounce technology used in the souls is ground-breaking. The midsole is fitted with TPU shank and midfoot propulsion plate. And as the name suggests, it gives you that extra ‘push’ when you take a leap.


12. Under Armour Men’s Curry 3zer0 II Basketball Shoe

Under Armour Men's Curry 3zer0 II Basketball Shoe

The Curry 3zer0 II is definitely the most stylish looking shoes by under armour on this listicle of best basketball shoes 2019. The outsole is firm as expected. The rigged lines on the shoe are going in all directions. That means there is a strong grip in all directions. These shoes are fit to play on all types of court and dust does not affect the grip at all. Under Armour is known to have the best traction in the competition.

These speakers have a Micro G mid-Sole carrier with extra soft UA charged support in the heel area to cushion those jumps flawlessly. It is commonly believed that Micro G is much better than standard EVA. Unlike many other kicks out there, the plush cushion does not compromise on the court feel at all. This amazing balance makes it one of the best basketball shoes to play in. The lacing system on these is a bit different than the rest. It goes all around the shoe securing your foot firmly in place.

These mid-top kicks are a great option for guards. They provide a phenomenal balance of court feel and stability, without sacrificing that all-important cushioning. Because of the mesh, the fit is snug. The foot feels perfectly supported despite the absence of a heel counter. They do provide the extra lip on the outside sole to counter the ‘tipping feeling’ one often gets.

The Curry 3 zer0 is one of the best shoes to play basketball in. The best thing is, these are entry-level shoes by Under Armour curry but the feel is awfully premium. The price on these kicks is mid-ranged around the hundred dollar mark. The Curry is definitely a great bang for your buck.


13. Adidas Men’s Hoops 2.0 Mid Sneaker

Adidas Men's Hoops 2.0 Mid Sneaker

Adidas is back on the list doing what it does best. The Hoops 2.0 are definitely one of the more popular Adidas shoes. The neat and minimal styling of these kicks seems timeless. The look is very appealing to many and these shoes are commonly worn by non-athletes just for the styling factor. It is also a favourite among runners. But don’t get fooled by its mass appeal. The shoes are very serious contenders for the best basketball shoes to look out for in 2019. These shoes are comfortable and performance-oriented before anything else.

The top of the shoes is made of leather. The white leather is a rare but welcome sight. But it does not just sit pretty. The leather top gives you a lot of support and stability from all sides. They keep the foot planted firmly on the footbed and prevent unwanted lateral movement. The mid-top style is supposed to give you a lot of support with a room of agility. This is why despite the all-leather design, there is mesh at the back end. It makes for a quick lip in and slip out and prevents bruising and blistering near the ankle.

No shoe is complete without the cushioning. The shoe has a die-cut shoe liner. The Die-cut technology helps you place supporting the heel inside the sole in a cavity. This creates for one single sole unit. This provides for a very sturdy and soft midsole at the same time. The perforated top on the front keeps the shoe ventilated for longer game periods. This shoe is for everyone. A basketball player, a jogger or just a regular joe that can’t resist a pair of good-looking speakers.


14. Nike Men’s Hyperdunk X Team Basketball Shoe

Nike Men's Hyperdunk X Team Basketball Shoe

Nike’s Hyperdunks are legendary. It’s genuine pioneer in the world of basketball footwear tech. Even after 10 years of launching, the tech is constantly improving. Before we move ahead, let’s take a moment to appreciate how fly these kicks look. Definitely, one of the best looking basketball shoes featured here.

The wave Harington pattern on the hard-outer sole makes the lateral movement on these just insane. The cushion system in the latest pair of Hyperdunk is zoom tech. To simplify zoom, it consists of stretched tensile fibres placed inside the air pockets in the sole. Zoom bags have been placed in the most vulnerable part of the foot, the heel and the toe. Each time you jump up and land back, the fibres inside compress rapidly and they come back to their original state. This helps absorb all the impact that could have otherwise gone to the player’s knee or ankle. The Hyperdunk X provides a great balance between court feel and cushion.

The shoe top is a combination of neoprene and mesh. The shoes grip the foot in place perfectly. The heel guard is rather large and does a great job supporting the foot. The piping on the back of the shoe could be irritating for some people. But there is nothing at some high ankle socks can’t solve. The lacing comes right to the top for that added stability.

What is great for online shoppers is these shoes are true to size. For those who don’t have a store to try them on at, there is most probably nothing to worry about. These shoes come from a long line of Hyperdunk speciality sneakers. The Hyperdunk X has to be our top recommendation for the best performance basketball shoes.


15. Nike Men’s Lebron Witness II

Nike Men's Lebron Witness II

The last pair of kicks in our list is another line from Lakers Superstar, Lebron. Let’s start with the traction. The diamond pattern on the outer sole does wonders on any type of courts. Rough, smooth or dusty, you will grip every surface you lay a foot on. The shoe top is made of mesh. This gives a lot of flexibility in the front. The backside of the shoe top has been reinforced with heel guard. When you slip these shoes on, they fit seamlessly.
These kicks are ready to go verity. They don’t need too much break-in. Unlike many basketball shoes, they are neither too narrow nor to low at the front. This makes them a perfect choice for those with wide toes who struggle to find a comfortable fit.

No shoe can make it to the best basketball shoe list without cushion talk. The hex-shaped zoom units on the outer sole do their job well. The transfer of impact from shoes to the feet is negligible. Before you completely land, the shoes are already loaded to zoom you out onto the court.

The shoe design is just off the hooks. A pair of Lebrons always look good. It’s part of the collection’s persona. The Witness II is very popular among shoe aficionados for casual wear as well. If they feel great under high-pressure conditions you can only imagine how good must they feel when you are just out for a walk in them. If you are looking for something that does not break the bank but does the job well and looks good while doing it, Lebron Witness II is the best basketball sneakers for you.


Your Pick For The Best Basketball Shoes?

When buying performance shoes, impulse buying might not be a great idea. The best basketball shoes 2019 buying guide and the best options therein have been laid out for you. Now that you have all the factors with you, it’s time to introspect. Think about everything that we have spoken to you and see where do you fit on the graph. Think about the position you play on the court and what it demands from you physically.

Don’t buy basketball shoes just for the looks. You might love a pair of kicks that you friend wears to the court. They could even be comfortable for him. But that does not mean they will deliver what you need from them. Don’t buy cheap that look good or expensive shoes that perform badly. They will both be counterproductive in the long run.

Don’t get sucked into brands and fandom. You could be a huge Kobe fan but the Lebron might be the shoe that does it for you. It is not about being popular with the latest kicks. It is all about performance and safety. If you get injured very often while playing sees of the shoe has got to do anything. Don’t wait for them to wear out. It could create a serious long-term problem.

Every player and foot are unique and their needs. Peer pressure is the worst influence on the buying decision. You don’t want to fit in on the court, you want to stand out. Try to learn what makes you unique and what you need from your shoe to be the best. May what’s becoming between you and that NBA contract are your shoes.