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Top Women’s Basketball Shoes To Choose From

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In the past, many argued that since basketball was a male-dominated sport, it was only meant for males to play. Of course, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Today, women play professional basketball just like men do. More and more, women’s interest in basketball increases. So if you’re keen on taking up the sport, then you might want to get your hands on a pair of women’s basketball shoes. 

You may think you don’t need them if you’re just starting out, but we promise you, they’re necessary! They protect your ankles and feet, keep you steady on the court, and much more. If you’re already a pro, you probably have experience and thus know why you need them. The issue is that there is such a wide variety of women’s basketball shoes to choose from. 

No need to stress though! We’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll tell you about some of the best women’s basketball shoes on the market. 

Reasons To Buy Women’s Basketball Shoes  

We’ve mentioned this once before in our post about the best Adidas basketball shoes, but we think it’s worth talking about again. The importance of a great pair of basketball shoes can never be overemphasized!

What you wear on your feet, whether you’re practicing dribbling the ball or playing pro, has both short-term and long-term effects. In the short term, they can have an effect on your performance. For instance, you might end up slipping on the court if your sneakers don’t have enough grip. Great sneakers also give you the power to take jump shots better if your soles are flexible and comfortable. 

These factors all work together to make your game better and give you a competitive edge and confidence on the court at that moment. 

In the long term, on the other hand, bad shoes can result in long-term knee and ankle discomfort and even injuries that can put you out of the game. We know that’s the last thing you want! As such, you better start searching for the best women’s basketball shoes for you!

Reasons To Buy Women’s Basketball Shoes

Buying Women’s Basketball Shoes: What You Should Know 

For those who are new to shopping for basketball shoes, here are a few key ideas that might come in handy. 

  • Basketball shoes come in three main categories. These are high, low, and mid-top. Each offers different levels of ankle support. Fit on one of each kind, so that you can see what type works best for you. 
  • Some may say that the style of the shoe makes no difference, but we beg to differ! The look of the shoe should suit you. As we all know, players can become known for the look of their shoes, just as much as their skills. 
  • Ensure that the shoes you choose come with a padded midsole and possibly even other features that offer extra stability. 
  • The grip of a shoe is imperative. It’s one of the things you absolutely cannot go without. When purchasing basketball shoes, take a look at the outsole to ensure that the grip is good enough.

Keep these characteristics in mind on your next shopping trip! Now, let’s take a look at some of the shoes you have to choose from. 

5 Best Women’s Basketball Shoes To Choose From 

1. Nike Women’s Court Borough Low 

These low-top options are great for those who are looking to get some bang for their buck! Since they’re quite casual looking, it’s easy to wear these on the court and in your everyday life. As such, you’re not only getting a useful pair of shoes to use on the court, but you’re also getting some stylish sneakers too!

The shoe is soft and comfortable, comes with padding in the sole, and has a rubber outsole to ensure that it grips on the court. The only downfall is that your ankles may not be well-supported. 

2. Adidas Women’s Entrap Mid

This is one of the best options out there, for more reasons than one! 

Firstly, the shoe is comfortable and light, ensuring that you can move swiftly across the court. Then, it comes with particularly special cushioning in the sole (memory foam). This means the impact of landing after a jump shot won’t take a toll on your knees. Finally, the sneaker is also well-ventilated, meaning that your feet won’t over-heat in there! 

3. Under Armour Women’s Street Precision Low  

This option is relatively affordable, durable, comfortable, and lightweight. It’s a great option if you’d like to use the shoe for other types of exercise too. 

4. Jordan Air 1 Women’s Mid (Patent Leather) 

While these Jordan’s are on the pricier side, you certainly do get what you pay for! This sneaker is durable, as it comes with no mesh that could possibly tear and is made with patent leather. Therefore, the money you spend will not go to waste.

Further, the shoe comes with padding in the soles, is great for ankle support, and allows you to comfortably glide across the court. In addition, it is styled as a traditional basketball shoe, so you can’t go wrong when you’re matching it with the rest of your gear! 

5. Adidas Women’s Pro Model Zero W 

As one of the more interesting looking options, this one is for those of you who like to make statements with your sneakers. The shoe protects your feet well, with its synthetic leather and shell toe. As with all the other shoes, you also get great cushioning and support. It seems you can’t go wrong with this one!

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Final Thoughts 

Don’t let your opponents catch you off guard with bad basketball shoes that weaken your game! Women’s basketball shoes come in a wide range of styles, brands, and prices. But, we’re sure that if you try one of the sneakers listed above, you’ll be good to go! 

Remember to consider whether you prefer high, mid, or low-top shoes, how much sole padding you’d like, and how much grip the sneaker comes with. These are all important aspects of basketball shoes.