Best High Top Shoes For Basketball

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If there’s one thing that everybody knows as synonymous with basketball, it has to be high top shoes! These snazzy-looking shoes not only look cool, but they also do wonders for the health of your feet while you play the game.

Here is a list of the best high top shoes for basketball (in no particular order, we must mention!).

The 6 Best High Top Shoes To Buy For Basketball

1. Nike Lebron Soldier 17

Another appearance from the Nike Lebron Soldiers, the 17 has had a few mixed reviews. On the positive side, the Zoom unit in the shoe’s forefoot and Max Air heel unit provide the best protection and responsiveness. The 17 is also a perfect shoe for bigger players who need additional support and comfort.

Unfortunately, though, reviewers had some major downsides about this high top shoe option. For one, the shoe is on the more expensive end of the basketball shoe market, going for $200 a pop. The traction gained mixed reviews, with some reviewers going crazy over it, while others gave it a thumbs down.

Finally, the shoes’ Knitposite upper material, although dense and soft for comfort, detriments the 17’s breathability. The thickness of the material means it gets quite heated.

2. New Balance OMN1S

New Balance’s first basketball high top offering in a while, the New Balance OMN1S proves itself worth all the hype. The design and material choices of this shoe offer you high-quality performance for longer.

The shoes’ Fuel-Cell cushioning gives users comfort and stability and the traction pattern gives you grip on those clean, slippery courts. Another upside of the premium materials and design is that they guarantee a longer-lasting shoe that you can use outside, too.

3. Adidas N3XT L3V3L

The N3XT L3V3L is definitely a step up from its first version. Despite its lower price, Adidas has improved the shoe substantially, giving buyers value for their money. 

Improvements in the shoe include their new midsole cushioning, Lightstrike, which provides exceptional impact protection, bounce, and responsiveness. Its materials add to this support and comfort, including the way the Primeknit upper shapes itself to the foot. Traction-wise, the N3XT L3V3L has enhanced its first version but still falls short on the dust.

4. Jordan Why Not Zero.3

The third addition to Russel Westbrook’s Nike collection, these sneakers have gained some mixed reviews.

While the traction got the job done on cleaner floors, it proved problematic on dusty ones. The shoes’ materials also fall a tad short, failing to provide a premium, sleek look and finish. However, they’re certainly practical and performance-friendly and while they’re not as bulky as Westbrook’s other offerings, they may not compare to other lightweight competitors.

A few upsides include the Zoom in the forefoot and cushion in the heel, both of which provide protection and responsiveness. Other features that give foot support include the Achilles cushions, old-school lacing structure, and the midfoot strap.

5. Nike Kobe AD X NXT FF

This high top is a great all-round performer with very little to fault it on.

Its React midsole foam provides balance for low-to-the-ground ballers, prioritizing feel and balance over impact protection. For speedy, up-and-down court players, the Nike Kobe AD X NXT FF is the perfect shoe. The forefoot and ankle straps prevent slippage as you sprint across the court.

Although the shoe’s upper could do with better quality materials and support, this shoe’s top feature is its traction. The nub traction design gives a great grip on the floor and instant stopping.

6. Air Jordan 35 

If you liked the Air Jordan 34, then you’ll absolutely enjoy the 35. With the same – if not better- performance, this shoe provides great traction and grip to keep you steady on the court.

Not only does it perform, the sleek and modern design combines premium but breathable and comfortable materials. For example, the heel’s Zoom Air component provides additional comfort and makes the shoe more reflexive. The Zoom unit combines with two Pebax parts to form the Jordan Eclipse Plate.

Plus, it has good stability, ankle protection, and lateral containment.

7. Nike Kyrie 7

Closing off this fantastic list is Nike’s Kyrie 7. As a high top all-rounder, the Kyrie 7 ditches the traditional bulkiness of high top shoes for an air-light feel. The lightweight sneaker makes it easy to breeze across the court but still provides comprehensive traction so you can stop quickly at any angle.

Worry not though, because the Kyrie 7’s light weight doesn’t sacrifice support or other key features. You still get comfort, support, and balance with the Zoom Air cushioning and a strong sole.

The only downside of picking this lighter option is that it’s not suited for outdoor use and its grip may not last as long as other shoes.

Why Choose High Tops?

There are many reasons to add these classic shoes to your basketball kit. For one, they’re certainly cool and aesthetically pleasing, and they usually have a cool design that you can match with your daily looks off the court. If you like the old school, 90s basketball, and hip-hop look of these, then that’s certainly another reason to choose high top shoes.

Beyond aesthetics, high top shoes also provide excellent support for your feet. The high top feature of the shoes – the rise of the shoe to the above the ankle bone – provides additional stability and support for the ankle. This can protect ballers from injuries like ankle sprains. Thus, high tops can give you more protection on the court.

Final Thoughts

High top shoes are a basketball staple! What says basketball more than slinky basketball shorts, baggy tops, and a pair of funky-colored high tops? If you were thinking about getting a pair for your game, think no more… Just pick any option from the list above. We guarantee you any choice you make will offer you everything you need in a shoe and more!