Best Knee Braces For Basketball 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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1. UFlex Athletics 2. Powerlix 3. Crucial Compression
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Every basketball player is entitled to find the best knee brace for basketball to ensure their comfort, protection, and recovery from injuries. It keeps them pursuing their athletic goals with the utmost efficiency and maximum effort.

Finding the best knee support or the suitable one for you can be overwhelming, providing a massive range of knee braces to choose from. There are various factors you need to determine to select the best knee support, such as usability, size, comfort, material, durability, and cost.

You don’t want to end up buying a knee brace, which might not suit you or have size or quality inaccuracies. Well, it mostly happens due to unawareness or lack of knowledge towards the buying decision.

You need to educate yourself on knee braces, its various types, and other facets to make your decision smarter. In the end, it’s not one particular product which outruns every other. It all depends on your requirements, budget, and preferences.

So here is an extensive guide on buying the best knee support for basketball, along with some of the best hand-picked premium knee braces to choose from.

Factors To Look For While Buying The Best Knee Brace For Basketball


The kind of knee brace support you should look for depends upon the expected usability of it. If you do treadmilling or powerlifting, you will need a certain type of support, as compared to what you need for playing basketball.

For example, if you are looking for the best knee braces for basketball, then your preferences should be about mobility and maximum support. Also, you need to choose whether you need knee sleeves, braces, or pads.

Choose the right knee support, which complements the specific purpose for which you are buying it in the first place. Make sure to measure for the right size.

There are two types of knee braces in terms of usability and requirement.

  • Soft hinged brace
  • Rigid hinged knee brace

Soft hinged knee support is ideal for mild support, whereas the rigid hinged knee braces work best for intensive sports and workouts, including jumping and running. It also includes those sports where players need to run and jump like basketball.

Another instance, like knee support for day-to-day activities or regular exercises, calls for compression knee sleeves.

Then, for basketball players, pre-injury and post-injury, both types of knee support are needed. You need to figure out your preference for your current requirements.


The material of any knee brace determines the support and comfort factor. Choosing material also depends upon your requirement for the knee brace. Some knee sleeves are made of neoprene, which primarily offers maximum flexibility, optimum support, but limited protection.

The other factors like breathability, cleaning, and moisture management, also impact your choice for knee brace material. There are different materials, like nylon, latex, and spandex used individually or in-parts in the knee braces.

The anti-slip construction quality also comes from the characteristics of its material. Eventually, it all boils down to your preference for certain material-based features such as anti-slipping, easy-to-clean, and more.


You not only need to find the size which fits you perfectly, but it also should be highly comfortable for extensive movements and long duration use. So, be double sure about the size you choose.

The first step should be to look for the measurements of a knee brace and find your ideal size. Matching the size is more than just a look for ‘X-Large’ or ‘Small’. You should measure whether the kneecap and thigh calf will fit yours or not.

Also, if there are straps to adjust the size, you can go for a larger size, rather than buying a shorter one. You can adjust the size with the straps but still, mind the limitation of it.

Some knee braces come with ‘one size fits most’ or ‘one size fits all’ due to multiple adjustable straps. Too much tight knee brace can constrict your blood circulation, whereas too much loose one can slip down or discomfort you.


Style is another preference-based criteria for choosing the best knee brace. Here are two major knee brace styles dominating the market.

1. Slip-On knee brace: The slip-on knee brace requires wearing by sliding through your legs.

2. Wrap-around knee brace: Such knee braces are supposed to be attached with velcro straps to the legs. You don’t need to wear it sliding through your legs. It is to place on your knees and strap when it feels comfortable.

Why Do Basketball Players Need To Wear Knee Protective Gears?

You won’t see many naked knees in NBA games these days. Every professional or also learning basketball players need to wear knee support gears for one reason or another.

There are different varieties of knee protection for basketball players, depending upon the kind of support they require or recommended by doctors.

It also depends upon whether you are recovering from a surgery or what kind of injury you have. You also need to see how much movement your knee will be getting.

Now, there are many reasons why basketball players need to wear knee protection gears in the first place; here are some primary reasons :

1. To reduce and control chronic pain caused by prolonged pressure put on your knees while playing basketball.

2. To provide support in case of a knee injury and aid in the recovery.

3. To prevent collisions, bruises and hard falls.

What Is The Difference Between Pads, Sleeves, And Braces?

It is necessary to pick the right kind of knee protection gear. You need to know the difference between sleeves, braces, and pads to choose the right one for yourself.

  • Knee Sleeves

Knee Sleeves are specifically used to prevent any possible injury or reduce chronic knee pain. They are usually made of light but stretchable and flexible material, adding compression for your knees. It increases the blood flow aiding the recovery post-workout or basketball game. It also actively lowers the pain during stress.

  • Knee Braces

If you are looking to upgrade from knee sleeves for knee protection, knee braces are the best choice you have. It primarily provides compression and increases stability. Knee braces offer external support to the anterior knee and patella.

They are ideal for avoiding dangerous hyperextension. It is majorly used as a part of the recovery process post-injury. Make sure you get a doctor’s recommendation in case of post-injury usage of knee braces.

  • Knee Pads

Knee braces quite seem like an up-gradation for the sleeves, but knee pads are in a different league altogether. Instead of preventing damage to your knee, the primary purpose of these pads is to soften the external impact on your knee against other players, floor, or any other kind of hit or friction. Knee pads are undoubtedly an excellent alternative for other best knee braces for basketball.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Knee Braces?

Knee braces primarily to provide support to the knees. Athletes utilize it mostly to either prevent injury or to recover from one. Apart from three different types of knee support systems, such as braces, sleeves, and pads, there are three kinds of knee braces as well.

This categorization is based upon the usability and functionality of knee braces, targeting specific purposes. Here are three different kinds of knee braces.

1. Functional Knee Braces

Such functional knee braces are ideal for athletes who have suffered, or gone through a knee injury. Functional knee braces provide protection and support to the knees helping the person to perform better in sports or day-to-day activities.

It allows users to do things that they weren’t able to earlier due to the weakening of the knees. It is specifically for those users who have a history or recent encounter with an injury.

2. Rehabilitative Knee Braces

It is exactly what it sounds like. The rehabilitative brace is primarily used for the rehabilitation of a user recovering from a severe injury or recent surgery.

It ideally works in medical situations like PCL ( Posterior Cruciate Ligament), ACL ( Anterior Cruciate Ligament), MCL ( Medial Collateral Ligament), LCL (Lateral Collateral Ligament).

Such knee braces limit and control the movement of the knees to accelerate healing. It provides very strong support to injured ligaments to avoid any further stress or pressure on it.

3. Unloader/Offloader Knee Braces

Unloader knee braces are also called offloader knee braces. Such knee braces are used to reduce inflammation, swelling, and pain in the knees. It works best for patients suffering from arthritis in their knees or any other kind of knee injury.

Unloader/offloader knee braces are found to be useful to relieve joint pain, providing it stability and comfort. It also allows them to use these braces for daily activities such as walking, jogging, exercising, and more.

4. Knee Sleeves

Knee sleeves are the standard form of knee braces, which are commonly used to provide support and limited protection. It is particularly used for sports and pre-injury preventions. Knee sleeves allow users to perform extensive sports activities or outdoor activities with maximum knee protection, comfort, and support.

Knee braces are the umbrella term for all kinds of knee support systems, but knee sleeves are a more specific type of knee brace. It provides stability and ensures comfort to the users. Athletes and sports persons prefer to wear knee sleeves while playing.

5. Prophylactic Knee Braces

Such knee braces are commonly used by athletes while playing sports. These kinds of knee braces are made of bars or hinges connected with the straps to fit the knee. It ideally provides long-term stability and reduces the stress on the knee.

It prevents pain, swelling, and inflammation, as well. Prophylactic knee braces absorb the high-impact on the knees to make athletes perform better.

What Are The Types Of Knee Braces?

1. Knee Sleeves

Knee Sleeves is the type of knee brace which can slip right over your knees towards your thighs. It is available in different sizes and variable lengths as well, depending upon your preference.

Such knee braces provide knee compression helps to control the swelling and pain. It also works great for mild knee pain and minimizes arthritis as well. These kinds of knee braces are more comfortable and can fit under your clothing.

2. Hinged Knee Braces

Hinged Knee Braces are mostly used post-surgery for patients, or sportspersons who require a higher level of knee support and protection. It is for the ultimate safety of the knee, considering the medical condition in the scenario.

Such knee braces help your knee to heal faster and avoid any further injuries, by regulating and controlling the alignment of your knee while moving or bending.

The doctor recommends a hinged knee brace in the post-surgery stage; however, after a certain point, another type of knee brace will be recommended. Even in hinged knee braces, there are two types; one is rigid, which provides more support, and another is soft, which provides less support.

3. Dual-Wrap Braces

Dual-wrap braces are also called wraparound braces, works good in moderate or mild knee pain for the athletes or sports persons. The support it provides is more than a knee sleeve and less than a hinged knee brace.

Also, these dual wrap braces are easy to put on and take off on the go. It is usually used in training to support the knees of athletes or other such professionals. It is lightweight as compared to other knee braces.

4. Closed and Open Patella Braces

You may have seen some knee braces with an open patella, where you can see the hole in the center of the brace. Well, these knee braces are called open patella braces, while the other with no hole in the center is called closed patella braces.

Braces with open patella help in knee pressure relief and provide extra knee cap support for better movements and tracking. On the other hand, closed patella braces provide the same compression on your knee cap as on your rest of the knee. It also works as additional support for the knees for better movement and less injury.

5. Knee Strap

Knee strap is the perfect solution for the jumper’s knee (Patellar Tendonitis), or runner’s knee. These knee braces can fit under your clothes and are easy to put on and take off. It prevents patella injuries and reduces the pressure on your knee by putting compression on the patellar tendon of your knee.

When Should You Wear A Knee Brace?

Generally, you should wear knee brace if you are having knee pain or want to prevent injuries depending upon the sports you play. Especially in high impact sports or intensive physical activities, there is a higher possibility of a knee injury.

Knee braces are also widely used for injury recovery or post-surgery recovery. In various medical conditions like ACL, MCL, and others, it limits the knee movement and promotes healing. Patients regain their range of motion wearing knee support for the recommended duration.

It is also ideal for treating arthritis, knee pain, and inflammation. For basketball players, it reduces pain and swelling. Also, it prevents injuries and helps in rehabilitation, in case of post-surgery or severe injuries. You are supposed to wear knee braces while playing sports or according to the doctor’s recommendation.

How Tight Should Your Brace Be?

Going for the best knee support for basketball means to feel the compression and tightness in your knees while using it. You must feel comfortable wearing the knee brace without compromising the level of support you need or necessary.

However, you also need to make sure that it shouldn’t be uncomfortably tight or you lose proper blood circulation. Be ready to loosen the straps or go for the larger sized brace.

Also, it depends upon choosing a rigid or soft knee brace. The rigid braces offer more support, whereas the compression sleeves allow more knee movement but less support.

It depends upon your requirement or preference for flexibility and support. Make sure you use the size chart to determine which knee support to choose based upon their circumference.

What Are The Different Sizes Available?

First of all, it is always recommended to check the available size chart offered by the brand itself of the knee brace you are buying. However, in general, here are the different kinds of sizes available for knee sleeves.


Measurements ( In Inches)


14 inches- 15 inches 


16 inches- 17 inches


18 inches – 19 inches


20 inches – 22 inches


23 inches- 25 inches 

Top 10 Best Knee Braces For Basketball 2020

1. Uflex Athletics Knee Compression Sleeve Support

Uflex Athletics Best Knee Braces For BasketballUflex Athletics Knee compression sleeve support will protect you from sores, stiffness, discomfort, and swelling. It reduces inflammation and provides a heating effect for muscular recovery. The knee brace fits all basketball players, both men and women.

It is not just one of the best knee braces for basketball, but also highly suitable for all other kinds of sports activities.

Basically, it works best for all those sports, which involve an enormous amount of stress on the joints such as running, soccer, football, cycling, hiking, basketball, golf, soccer, volleyball, skiing, tennis, and much more.

The knee compression sleeve support aids effectively in recovery and pain relief, especially in the cases of jumpers and runners keen, tendonitis, and arthritis as well. It has great stretchability, improving wearability and prevents skin irritation. It contains a specific kind of material which exerts pressure on the knee.

Most importantly, it doesn’t lose its shape and functionality even after a long time of wear. Uflex Athletics knee brace also features anti-slip silicone, which stables compression while gyming, or doing squats, weightlifting, or any other fitness activity. It is designed to improve athletic and sports performance, along with muscular recovery when needed.

The interiors of the knee brace are smooth, so it feels good to the skin and won’t leave dryness patches or any marks.


  • Extra comfortable
  • Versatile Knee brace


  • Need for some improvements

2. Powerlix Knee Compression Sleeve

Powerlix Knee Compression SleevePowerlix has always been a renowned brand in providing a wide range of compression and supportive gear for sports & outdoor activities. This includes their best knee support for basketball, the Powerlix knee compression sleeve. It efficiently works overtime so, your knee joints don’t have to.

The knee compression sleeve offers optimum protection and muscle support between your workouts and other casual everyday routine works. It applies stable pressure across your knee joints. This knee support system will make you prepared for all kinds of physical challenges.

The powerlix knee brace is an ideal knee compression sleeve support for any kind of physical activity which involves a significant amount of stress on your joints. This helps best in baseball, basketball, soccer, running, hiking, gym, weightlifting, volleyball, golf, and much more.

The premium quality, superior support, and ultimate comfort is never compromised with the mobility of the knee brace. So, even when it is tight and non-slippery, the compression fabric is highly breathable and maintains stability as well.

One of the highlights of this keen compression sleeve is surely its trendy design. It looks fashionable and compliments your physique. So, you can wear them in any outdoor activity or sports, adding to your overall sporty look.


  • Soft & Breathable fabric
  • Prevents injury
  • Muscle support
  • Silicon anti-slip strips


  • Inconsistency in Durability
  • Inconsistency in Sizing

3. Crucial Compression Knee Brace Compression Sleeve

Crucial Compression Knee Brace Compression SleeveKnee brace compression sleeve can be considered to be the best knee support for basketball injuries and chronic knee pain. They promise to support and stability for the fast pain relief with less stiffness, swelling, and soreness.

Crucial compression knee brace comes with power support technology that helps to improve blood circulation. It keeps your muscles heated and obtaining more oxygen, hence leading to less lactic acid formation. Less lactic acid formation in your muscles means avoiding muscle cramps and pain. It helps you to perform longer, faster, and better.

While some compression sleeves are too bulky, too hot, or restrictive, crucial compression knee brace offers comfortflex premium design. It is comfortable and ergonomically fit without restricting your movements or cutting off your blood circulation.

The knee brace doesn’t slide down and stays in the place due to its unique double silicone grip. It also doesn’t bunch up, allowing you to wear it comfortably under your clothing as well. Overall, it doesn’t interrupt you in your physical activity or sports throughout.

It is made from the premium quality nylon, spandex with silicone grip, and rubber. It is great for various kinds of physical activities and sports such as running, hiking, cycling, basketball, soccer, weightlifting, workouts, volleyball, and more. With extra support in sports, it also helps you to recover from MCL, ACL, LCL, and meniscus tears.


  • Power support technology
  • Unique double silicone grip


  • Some discomfort for long-time use

4. McDavid Knee Compression Sleeves

McDavid Knee Compression SleevesMcDavid Knee Compression sleeves are available in different sizes and colors. They offer ultimate knee protection from all kinds of high-impact sports and other outdoor activities. The patented hex protection offers a closed-cell foam padding covering your knee for extreme impacts, pressure, or hits.

The advanced hDC moisture management technology in the knee brace keeps it cool, dry, and odor-free. These are one of the best knee braces for basketball for two major reasons. First, it is ideal for all kinds of body to body contact. Second, it keeps the muscles warm, reduces fatigue and muscle cramping, allowing you to play faster, longer, and stronger.

Not just for basketball, these features also work best with all kinds of sports such as rugby, soccer, running, volleyball, hiking, weightlifting and much more. The extended length of the knee compression sleeves fits well for all, with added protection against any scratches, friction, or cuts to the calves and thighs.

With enhanced fitting and comfort, the non-slipping material always stays in the place, preventing chafing. The latex-free neoprene also provides thermal and compression therapy. It keeps the muscles warm and stronger to keep you playing longer.

Note: It is available in all different sizes, giving a perfect fit according to the person. Though, it is suggested to make sure you are buying the right size for you with the size chart. Do not hesitate to doubly sure of getting the best fit for yourself.


  • Foam padding for high-impact sports
  • Thermal/Compression therapy


  • Sizing complaints

5. TechWare Pro Knee Brace Support

TechWare Pro Knee Brace SupportTechWare Pro Knee brace is highly recommended for the basketball players or sports with extensive leg movements, due to its open knee protection support design. It offers maximum compression all around the kneecap with flexible knee movement.

The unique and adjustable bi-directional support reduces knee pain. It is an alternate method for the strong closure stabilization of the patella- the straps on one side aids in the uneven support.

You need to measure the circumference around your knees and thigh to find the proper fit. There are four different sizes, such as medium, large, extra large, and xxlarge. It is recommended to make sure you buy the proper fit for the utmost comfort and better results.

The open patella design provides compression and support around the knee area to heal injuries faster. It also promotes better knee cap protection due to the four flexible spring stabilizers.

Techware knee brace features breathable and lightweight moisture-wicking neoprene along with no silicone strips to ensure comfortable compression. This can be the best knee brace for basketball as it supports pain relief from tears, tendonitis, arthritis, bursitis, swelling, and inflammation as well.


  • Control over the placement of your knee and how tight you want the brace to be.
  • Open patella design majorly support kneecap area
  • Long-lasting


  • May not be the best for the ultimate support.
  • Without proper tightness and placement, it can slip.

6. Exous Knee Brace Support Protector

Exous Knee Brace Support ProtectorThe EXOUS knee brace has unique 4-way compression systems or ‘hugs’ to your knee from different angles providing medial and lateral support. It assures a real sense of stability and medial support for weak knees. It eliminates swelling, inflammation, stiffness, sores, and aches on the knees.

This is certainly the best knee brace for basketball players, whether they are professionals or beginners. You find that there are two dedicated patella straps on the knee brace, giving patella tendon support. This patella tendon helps in relieving the jumper’s knee pain and also stabilizing the knee cap. So, this can be a great choice for professionals who often have knee pain or strain.

EXOUS knee brace also comes with improved mobility keeping the knee brace in its place. This means you don’t have to suffer from irritation or adjusting issues. It efficiently provides functional support throughout the day without any inflammation, discomfort, or ‘need of adjustment’.

Apart from Basketball, it is ideal for all kinds of sports and fitness activities like running, hiking, football, soccer, volleyball, cycling, and gym. The 4-point strapping system makes the knee brace less slipping and more comfortable as compared to other knee brace supports with 2 or 3 straps.

The easy-to-clean design improves its longevity and increases the hygiene factor. Due to its smooth surface, it doesn’t chafe the skin or leave any patches or marks on the skin. Also, it comes with proper ventilation preventing sweating or dry skin.


  • 4-ways compression system
  • Easy to clean design
  • Allow easy movements


  • Issues regarding the length of straps
  • Improvement scope in the stitching & overall quality

7. Athledict Knee Brace Compression Sleeve

Athledict Knee Brace Compression SleeveAthledict knee brace compression sleeve is a high-quality premium knee support sleeve offering instant pain relief, knee protection, faster recovery, and all-day comfort.

It is ergonomically designed along with the extra adjustable strap, to regulate your circulation according to the requirement. These straps further help in reducing your recovery time and decrease the swelling.

Before you buy this knee brace, make sure you choose according to their size chart. Also, if you are overweight, consider selecting one size up. A larger size won’t be an issue because it comes with this anatomical shape, providing better stability and support along with targeted circulation. You can adjust the tightness or compression of the sleeve with the help of adjustable straps.

The new anti-slip silicon design makes it non-slippery, which doesn’t allow the sleeves to slip down. You also get this removable and adjustable strap to customize the compression or tightness of the sleeves.

This particular knee support may be the best knee brace for basketball if you are too worried about sizing issues or comfortability. Even if you choose one size bigger, you can still control the compression with the help of straps. However, avoid going for a lower size number than yours.


  • Adjustable & removable straps
  • Customized compression
  • Ergonomic & Good looking design
  • Helps in pain relief & recovery


  • Scope for the quality improvements
  • Discomfort complaints from users with large thighs

8. TechWare Pro Knee Compression Sleeve

TechWare Pro Knee Compression SleeveAnother flagship premium knee support gear from TechWare Pro, this knee brace is more than just a compression sleeve. TechWare Pro knee brace is ideal for all kinds of sports & extensive outdoor activities, including basketball.

It comes with stabilizer bars and a patella gel pad providing extra support and compression to the knee area. The sleeves are available in five different sizes in Medium, Large, X-Large, and XX-Large to find your best fit.

The breathable knitted soft fabric material along with non-slip silicone strips makes it extra comfortable and ideal for all kinds of sports & outdoor activities. This is not just the best knee support for basketball, but the most versatile as well, for all purposes.

It helps you in cycling, CrossFit, walking, hiking, gymnastics, bodybuilding, martial arts, exercising, gym workouts, dance, squats, yoga, football, basketball, soccer, Zumba, and lots of other fitness activities and sports.

Knee brace feature comfort wrap provides pain relief and post-surgery protection. With situations like meniscus tears, MCL, PCL, ACL, arthritis, injuries, tendonitis, bursitis, and swelling, this knee braces aid in full recovery.

Not only does it reduceinflammation and pain, it also prevents injuries while you are enjoying your sport or athletic activities. Also, in particular cases of sports injury, this is one of the best knee support you can rely on.


  • Non-slip silicone strip
  • Extra support from stabilizer bars and patella gel pads
  • Price for value


  • Sizing/Length issues

9. SS Sleeve Stars Knee Support Brace

SS Sleeve Stars Knee Support BraceSS Sleeve Stars present their newly-designed, specifically developed knee support brace to provide maximum support and faster recovery from injuries.

It promises to quickly recover you from injuries like a meniscus tear, patella tracking, arthritis, osteoarthritis, Osgood-Schlatter disease, chondromalacia, tendinitis, and jumpers knee as well.

This is one of the best knee braces for basketball, as it is specifically designed to give you instant relief in sports injuries. Not just basketball, but also relieve pain in various sports like football, weight-lifting, volleyball, running, and hiking.

SS Sleeves comes with an open-patella design that eases the stress in the knee area where the padded stabilizer prevents any displacement. It also dictates the movement and allows for proper motion.

It provides great stabilization post-injuries or post-surgery to the knee. It promises to handle the higher level of stabilization, where you do not need to upgrade the knee support here.

The high-end premium quality neoprene material assures the knee sleeves to perform heavy-duty movements with your knees. It is breathable, comfortable, and provides optimal support. Even with maximum support and protection, it doesn’t compromise with comfort.


  • Open-patella design to ease the stress on knees
  • Knee protection, support & stabilization
  • One size fits most; adjustable straps


  • Minor issues with stitchings

10. Powerlix Knee Brace Support

Powerlix Knee Brace SupportPOWERLIX knee brace support grants optimal pressure on around your knee while you are doing your day-to-day activities and sports as well. This is the best knee support for basketball due to the unlimited mobility it provides.

It is also ideal for preventing injuries while playing sports or working out, mostly like tears and patellofemoral pain syndrome. Powerlix knee support is also great for ACL and MCL conditions.

With the premium durable quality, it promises to deliver superior comfort and support, for long time usability. It also doesn’t compromise with the mobility of your legs, so you can freely play extensive sports, experience adventure activities, or workout while wearing it.

One of the highlights of this knee brace support is its breathable orthopedic premium material fabric. What it does is avoid the usual itchiness and discomfort experienced with common Neoprene knee supports. It wicks sweat and keeps your legs dry and odor-free.

The ergonomically-designed knee brace is also well-stitched, along with the double silicone anti-slip wave. It prevents slipping and makes players uninterruptedly enjoy their sport.


  • Anti-slip system
  • Breathable orthopedic material instead of Neoprene


  • More supportive ability expected
  • Size/length issue in some cases


Knee brace support assures support and protection to athletes and sportspersons. It also improves their efficiency to perform and sustain over time, by providing the ultimate comfort and safety to their knees.

It also aids in the post-surgery or injury recoveries. Choosing the best knee brace for basketball depends upon factors like material, comfort, durability, cost, and usability. Concludingly, these beforehand mentioned best knee braces are offering maximum support, durability, injury recovery, extensive knee movement, and protection.