Top Basketball Hoops For Kids

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One of the best ways to encourage your child to spend more time playing physical activities outdoors would be with a great basketball hoop for kids. Engaging in outdoor activities is a fantastic way to boost your child’s overall physical and mental health, and most importantly, it’s fun too. 

With a wide variety of basketball hoops for kids available on the market today, it can be slightly confusing to decide which one is best.

Luckily for you, we’ve come up with a comprehensive guide that includes the top basketball hoops for kids. 

Basketball Hoops For Kids: Our Review 

Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set (Best Set For Toddlers) 

The Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set is a great basketball hoop for kids aged between one and a half to five years old. What we like most about this set is that it encourages safe play, with three lightweight balls. 

These balls are the perfect size for your child to hold in their tiny hands while tossing them into the hoop. This basketball hoop for kids is a solid investment for your little ones who are just starting out in their basketball career. Additionally, there are multiple balls, which means that there will be less fighting for the ball between your kids since everyone will get a shot at a slam dunk. 

Another cool feature worth mentioning is that this basketball hoop is adjustable. This means that you can choose between six different height adjustments to ensure that the basketball hoop is set just at the right height for your child.

You’ll also notice that the Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set has a slightly oversized rim. This cool design feature makes it easier for your child to get the ball through the hoop. Not only will this boost their morale but it will also give them hours of outdoor fun.


  • 3 lightweight balls 
  • Adjustable stand 
  • Six height adjustment features 
  • Oversized rim


  • The oversized rim can cause the stand to fall down

Lifetime 90022 Youth Portable Basketball Hoop (Best Value For Money)

We know for sure that you will love the Lifetime 90022 Youth Portable Basketball Hoop. This dynamic hoop set is highly durable and is a product that your kids will grow into, over time. 

The Lifetime 90022 Youth Portable Basketball Hoop is perfect for children who are aged between four and ten years old. It is very easy to assemble and is probably one of the most versatile basketball hoops out there. Best of all, it does not cost a fortune either. 

One of the best features we’ve noticed on this particular basketball hoop is that it comes with a 332-inch backboard which helps to reduce the impact of the ball’s bounce. 

We believe that you’ll get a great bang for your buck with this product because it can handle most climate conditions without becoming damaged. This is great because it means that you can leave your basketball hoop outdoors and it won’t get damaged, making it a great investment. 


  • Easy to assemble 
  • Inexpensive 
  • 32-inch backboard for ball impact 
  • Good for outdoor weather conditions


  • Does not have a full-size rim
  • Large and heavy

Franklin Sports Over The Door Basketball Hoop (Best Door-Hanging Hoop)

The Franklin Sports Over The Door Basketball Hoop is a great choice for families who do not have a large amount of outdoor space available at home. This basketball hoop for kids hangs perfectly on any door available at home, either inside the house or in the yard, outdoors. 

Your little aspiring NBA star will love this basketball hoop because it is readily available for them to play with, and comes with a pump for your basketball, too. 

Because this basketball hoop is specifically designed to fit onto any door, it’s perfect to set up in your kid’s bedroom. Allowing your child to practice throwing a ball through a hoop will help him/her improve their overall hand-eye coordination skills, even on a rainy day. 

The manufacturing company also made sure to include a shatter-resistant backboard and padded baking in the design of this product to ensure that your doors are protected from the impact of the ball. So no matter how rough your kids like to play, you can rest assured knowing that your doors are protected. 


  • Compatible with all door types 
  • Adult-friendly too
  • Shatter-resistant backboard 
  • Padded back to help protect your door 
  • Free ball pump


  • Requires batteries for electric scoring display

VTech Smart Shots Sports Center (Best Suited For Kids Under 3)

The VTech Smart Sports Center is a really good choice to go with if you have a child under three years old. This two-in-one basketball hoop offers so much more to your little child than you can imagine. It comes with a built-in soccer goal post at the bottle and a basketball hoop at the top. This makes it the perfect outdoor activity toy to stimulate young children. 

Your child can choose to either practise his/her slam dunks with the basketball hoop, or they can choose to play soccer with the goal post attachment. No matter which sport your child takes a liking to, we guarantee that your kid will develop fine motor skills by using one of these basketball playsets. 

Another great feature of the VTech Smart Sports Center is that it includes buttons made from different shapes. This is a fun way to introduce different shapes to your child. 


  • Two-in-one set
  • LED light scoreboard 
  • Shape buttons 


  • Smaller parts can be a choking hazard 


Overall, our best pick has to be the Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set because it is easy to adjust according to your child’s height and it comes with three lightweight balls for playing.

No matter which basketball hoop you choose to buy for your kids, we can assure you that you’ll get great value for money. With the right basketball hoop, your child will be learning in a safe environment.