Basketball Drills For Beginners

3 Different Basketball Drills For Beginners

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As an entry-level basketball player, it is important to find the right drills that work to enhance your skills, as opposed to ones that waste your time in the gym.

With so many different types of basketball drills for beginners out there, it can be a challenge to find the right one to start off with. We’ve created a comprehensive beginners guide to help you find the best basketball drills, ideal for improving your overall basketball skills.

Top Basketball Drills For Beginners To Practice

If you’re new to this sport, it’s important to remember that not all basketball players have the same skill-set. As a matter of fact, all basketball players have certain areas in which they need to work on, in order to become the most valuable player (MVP). 

For example, a five-time MVP player such as Michale B Jordan doesn’t become a star overnight. He also requires consistent training in certain areas in order to become, and maintain his Most Valuable Player status. 

To help you improve your skills, and become the next Michael Jordan, here’s our list of the top three basketball drills for beginners… 

Basketball drills for beginners

Shooting Drills

In basketball, shooting the ball is the only way to ensure that your team scores a point on the leaderboard. So as a beginner, it’s crucial to take time and practice different shooting techniques until you find one that you are most comfortable with. 

The Air-Ball Shooting Drill 

One of the best examples of a shooting drill for beginners would have to be the air-ball drill. You can practice the air-ball drill by having your teammates line up, in an offensive position. 

One at a time, each player should begin by dropping their elbows slightly lower than normal and then proceeding to jump and shoot the ball from the highest point of their jump. 

As a beginner basketball player, this drill teaches you the importance of following through with your winning shot. Keep in mind that the air-ball drill can be performed as a team or individually. 

Footwork Drills 

As a basketball player, by now you’ve noticed that great footwork is essential for a good game of ball. The different footwork techniques you use will allow you to finish your shots and land the ball into the basket more accurately. 

Another interesting fact about footwork in basketball is that it helps you to position yourself in a better place to steal the ball from your opponent. 


As a beginner to the game, it is only natural that you will need to spend some time practising your footwork and find your balance too. 

The Triple Threat Footwork Drill

The best footwork drill that we recommend for beginners would have to be something called the triple threat footwork drill. 

This drill is especially important for offensive players. A little-known fact about playing offence is that you need to stay as far away as possible from your teammates unless you’re cutting into the basket. 

This footwork drill will help you become more familiar with the spacing arrangements between your team members, during a game. 

Ball Handling Drills 

Ball Handling in basketball deals with the different techniques you use when handling the ball. These types of techniques include, but are not limited to dribbling, passing, and catching the ball. 

If you want to become a successful basketball player, you need to make sure that you are able to handle the ball well. Beginners are required to spend anywhere between fifteen to twenty minutes in each practice session doing ball-handling drills to sharpen their skills. 

Basketball for beginners

Some examples of ball-handling drills for beginner basketball players are mentioned below…

One Ball Basketball Dribbling Drill

This drill requires a basketball player to stand on the court with their feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. 

Next, you need to be able to hold the ball with both of your hands so that you are able to bounce it between your legs. 

First, you need to get comfortable bouncing the ball between your legs.  By practising bouncing the ball and moving your hands behind your legs, you can catch the ball. This should create a swivel motion of the ball between your legs.  

Basketball Drills For Beginners (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the basic skills required to become a good basketball player? 

If you want to become the best basketball player on your team, it is important that you learn good dribbling, passing, and ball-handling skills. 

Basketball team

Lucky for you, you’ll be able to learn all of these skills by doing some beginner drills during your practice sessions, with your coach. 

Out of all of the skills mentioned above, dribbling is the most important skill you will need in order to become the best basketball player around. So, make sure to spend extra time on your ball-handling drills to make sure that you know how to dribble well before your next game. 

How do I prepare my body for basketball?

As a basketball player, it is important to prepare yourself physically and mentally before your game. One of the best tips, in terms of preparing your body for basketball, is to remember to stay hydrated, rest your body, and stretch before each game. 

Rest is important for your body because your muscles need time to recover after each game. It is also important that you go to bed early the night before the game to avoid fatigue. 

It’s crucial to stay hydrated as this will help you to prepare for your game. Having a little bit of water in your body will increase cramps in your leg muscles. 

Basketball drills

Final Thoughts

In order to become the best basketball player on your team, make sure to maximize your drill times in each practice. Beginners who participate in basketball drills will find that their skills improve over time and their level of basketball skills increases too. 

By continuously practising and honing your skills, you will quickly become a better basketball player and work your way up to be your team’s next MVP.